Monday, October 09, 2006

IS it too late(?)...

To wish everyone a Happy Mooncake/ Tang Lung/ Latern Festival?HAHA!

can you see mango?*grin*

Sorry ya tuan tuan dan puan puan. I was busy in the weekend. :-p

Last night i had dinner with a few of my high school mates to celebrate the Bday of one of them. HEHE. Its been a while since i saw a few of them, some changed, some still like when we were still teen. We talk about work, we talk about our life, and update each other. I think i should be the most talkative person liao. Its SOOOOO different from what i was 5-6 years back. I used to be very quiet. I was always the listener niah. Now, sometimes i can be very noisy, i am a loud person. HAHA. Oh!i found out a very interesting fact during dinner, one of my high school mate was doing medical at unimas, then we talked about giving birth. He told me that if you did caesarean once, then for the 2nd time, it had to be caesarean oso!@@! So scary ler, i was telling everyone that its better if guy can get pregnant.:-p

On Saturday, I bought alot of pwwweeettyy stickers at travillion. Buy one free one can i resist the temptation?LOL! At night, i went to a colleague's wedding dinner. For photo of what we had, pls refer to pc's blog.

On Friday, we went to Sanga Don for lunch. Recommended by Tristan's mama. Speaking of the devil, we saw her there!LOL.

There's alot of these there.Cute..

Oink ordered his usual. Tom Yam Seafood frice rice. He always order tom yam fried something, tom yam fried mee, tom yam fried kueh tiaw..*shake head*..

Tomyam seafood fried rice : Rm6.80
lime juice :rm3.50 (SHOCKINGLY $$$ right?)

I had Tristan's mummy recommendation, Claypot Dab BB Bulgogi rice.

piping hot!

Dab Bulgogi :Rm6.80.
Coconut juice:rm1.50

Seriously!it was really piping hot. I dipped my spoon it, and it came out steaming. @@!i had to wait awhile before i can have my lunch. I think my bulgogi certainly was more worthy than oink's fried rice lo.HAHA. It has fried egg, juicy and tender beef, kimchi, and etc in it. The taste?ok ok niah la, maybe its too hot for my liking. But it will be nice to have it on a cold day.

The Address

OK la, i am tired liao.

Till next time~ :-)

P/s: its getting slower n slower to upload photos. :-(


Chen said...
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Chen said...

what your friend (the medical student) telling u is wrong. If one has caesarean section the first time, she can still go for normal vaginal deliveries. Unless if one has TWO caesarean section in the past, then only she is advised to go for caesarean section plus tubal ligation for the next pregnancy cos there is a risk for rupture of scar or uterine rupture. So, don't worry..

There are many people out there who has caesarean section for the first pregnancy but have normal deliveries for the subsequent childbirth.

13th Panda said...

OH ya!i think i heard wrongly lo, sud b 3rd time must caesarean if 1st time and 2nd time is caesarean. HAHA.Now i remembered he mentioned abt we can choose either natural birth or c-section for 2nd time. Hmm