Friday, October 13, 2006


This post sud b published two days ago. :-p But hor i am facing problem uploading photos. Am wondering is it me only who face the problem, or others oso having some problem.

OK. Back top main topic. We (Oren and Apple, Pink cotton and bf, Froggie and bf, silver bells, Oink and I)had dinner at room 205! :-p

I ordered Teriyaki Chicken. :-) and shared a pot of chamomile tea with silver bells.

Teriyaki Chicken

We ate while chatted. And its cake time!

silver bells picked a mrs incredible cake. :-) its kind of weird. Cos hor, i owes think Oink looks like Mr Incredible from the side.HAHA.

Looks kind of creepy with the candle lit.

*GASP* @@!


Then we had dessert. YUMMY!~

Then, we took lotsa lotsa photos. Everybody was clicking away, helping me and oink take photos. :-) Apple and Oren was also busy taking photos. One of it turns out to be like this!


I want to thanks all of them for the dinner, i had a wonderful time and everybody looks great.

Tomorrow, i shall post up about my b-day. :-)

Gd nite. *YAWWWNN*


Frank said...


Chen said...

hehee.. just like what I told PC earlier on, u had birthday celebration with all the different "colours" - orange, pink(cotton), red(sponge), silver(bell) etc.. (and you yourself as the black & white panda :P)

Pink Cotton said...



that apple really!

yeee i m sked of the mrs incredible... 'x'

and HAAHAHAH i think oink looks abit like mr incredible lo!! that a coincidence bells bought mrs incredible or...........mwehehehehee

Winn said...

13th oct ur bday!!

happy birthday to you ya..
grow old another year must guai guai ok?

Red Sponge said...

mwhehehehe...chen is right...we are colourful...hmm maybe we are the Rainbow bloggers...kekekeke



zeroimpact said...

Happy belated birthday
It must have been a wonderful dinner

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

a^ben said...

HAppy burpday owh~ :D

burpday must eat eat eat eat eat and eat until burp burp burp~ :P

fish fish said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! ^_^ Hope I'm not too late to say it.

13th Panda said...


Thanks Frank!

Chen: HAHA, ya.. we indeed are colourful and all are quite different *WINK WINK*

Pink Cotton: NO la..i think its coincidence only..:-p

winn : i am owes guai ler 0:-)

red sponge: rainbow bloggers, what a wonderful name!!LOL!! But our colours, some not belonged to the rainbow ler..

zeroimpact: THANK YOU~~yes, it was indeed a memorable birthday.

Thank you yien tau!

Thank you Ah Ben!! I burped silently..AHAHAH!

Thank you fish fish!! Its better late than never right? My lunar bday is not over yet u r still in time.:-)

Anonymous said...

Hmm .. How come when you post about food, you never mention the price one ? Sienz :-(

Simple American said...

Happy Birthday 13th Panda. I see you show everyone how many years you aged in the last year. Just one. hahaha

Now pass some dessert please.

13th Panda said...

anonymous: AH?u visit room 205 ma know lo :-p ok time i will put up the price.

simple american : THANK YOU!!*PASS DESSERT OVER* :-p