Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm BACK!!!

sorry for delaying my Bday post. My phone line was fixed on Monday. But i was busy these few days.HEHE

OK, now a brief post about my birthday.

Mum made me a special breakfast. :-)

Foochow style i presume?

Name :Mee Suah

Price:Priceless!! (anonymous was complaining that i should put up prices for food, so here goes)

PADINI gave me a 20% discount coupon for my birthday. The expiry date was 31st Oct, so i had to act fast. But here in KCH, that coupon can only be used at VINCCI.:-( sud have padini here ler. So i bought 2 heels :-) both are black themed. But sorry la, i lazy to take photo of it.HAHA.

A "friend" of mine sent a surprise birthday give to my office.@@! Sometimes i think he is trying to be more than friends. But wat the heck, i have OINK liao...he sud patah hati. But i thanked him for the white wallet he gave me. Mayb i can use it for travelling :-P since its smaller than my fuschia pink purse.

San gave me this!I like it ohh~~

matches my purse!:-)

JENG! Oink's birthday cake for me. :-) I love butterfly *blush*

but this cake looks abit kiddie hor? :-p

Oink also drew me a card with butterflies and gave me a pair of butterfly ear rings!:-D my birthday this year is full of butterflies. :-)

From today onwards, i shall have more time to blog. :-) can relax relax a bit liao.HEEE


zeroimpact said...

So sweet...
So cute...
Eaten the mee suah before, but the one I eat is red in colour wor...

Red Sponge said...

WOo Wooo


Kenny Ng said...

welcome back! so fast make me hunry already for the food.

Chen said...

so many "mentega terbang" :D
butterfly cake
butterfly card
butterfly ear rings..
what a butterfly year :D

Simple American said...

So are you 13th Panda or Butterfly. keke

I think your cake is cute.

The pink is nice, but somebody may want to take from you. You know who? And how come we don't see hair in the picture? You must have put it in a bun it for the picture?

Pink Cotton said...




WAH nice mee sua
WAH nice tshirt
WAH nice cake...(not kidie la..cute le)

and GIGGLE at the "MAN" who need to patah hati 'x'

13th Panda said...

zeroimpact:@@ RED MEE SUAH?@@!


kenny ng:AHAHHA!

chen:YA!I like butterfly!

Simple American:YES i know who.:-p but i think she likes baby pink more. keke.Hair?what hair?@@

pink cotton: :-p thanks! and thanks for the dinner oso!

miracle8 said...

Hi 13thpanda,
I left you a b'day msg on Friendster, don't know whether you got it or not.
I love fuchsia too! Hehe. Lovely purse and matching tee too!
Have a good weekend yea?

13th Panda said...

miracle8: u DID?@@! ok ok..i'll go check..HAHA...u have a nice wkend too!

zeroimpact said...

Yes... red colour mee suah
I think they got put some alcohol inside
Eat edi then dizzy a bit
Heh heh heh

Winn said...

i like ur mee sua..

i onlyget to eat that on cny..

lovely wallet lovely cake:)

sILv3r BelLs said...

13thpanda, You should put up your butterfly earings... It is really pretty... hehe =))

13th Panda said...

zeroimpact: OOHH!! i know what is this liao!i don't like the red thing. contains alchohol.

winn: HEHE, TQ~

silver bells: REALLY?keke..TQ~~

Simple American said...

I thought your hair went down to almost your waist. But I dun see any hair in the pic.