Sunday, October 01, 2006

What i have been up to lately

Sorry i didn't blog much nowadays. I was busy. *PHEW*

I am sleepy now but still i blog. See?I'm so nice..:-p

I went to Buntal for seafood on Thursday night. I finally get to eat crabs!!YUMMY!

But sorry, no photo on the food. There are guests there, must act "kuai", or else what will they think of me if i take photos on the food up close. :-D

The crab was finger-licking-delicious. :-) *SATISFIED*

HMM, a bit hungry now.. AHAHAHA

We stopped by Damai Beach Resort to send the guests back.

"Paku" lamp

i like these ligthings. looks like "paku" hor?

For those who don't know wat is paku. Its actually edible plants that grows in the wild.

The haze is getting worse.

Can't even see Saberkas clearly anymore. This photo is taken while i am on my way to the office.
Busy swapping pc lately-copying files, installing stuff, and the worse part is cleaning the pc off my stuff. Boss asked me not to format the pc, so that the new trainee will need not install everything again. So i have to make sure my personal stuff is deleted. Won't want ppl reading my love letters eh?LOL!!

Tonight, I went to carpenter street with my parents.

Huge lantern

I noticed there's no star tonight. So i added in some stars for the photo.HEHE

Along carpenter's street, there's stalls selling stuff, mooncakes, accessories, laterns, photos (rm50 each), food, etc.

Its a hot night. What better to cool ourselves than "AIS KANTUNG"! MM~MM~

Then we walked till the old court house. Some ppl were playing music.

Then , a couple decided to do some cha cha. They danced beautifully, they looked happy.

I wanted to learn latin dancing at first. But someone ler, scared i will fall for my partner because to dance well, you and your partner need to have some chemistry. Ask that someone to go learn with me, he don't want. :-( Not even ballroom dancing.

HMM~Being single sure means more freedom. *RUB CHIN*

P/S: there's actually 2 more photos der, but don't know wat's wrong with blogger, i can't upload it. This post was suppose to be up last night, but got problem.


Kenny Ng said...

hmmm... look quite happening there, got bubur cha cha dance somemore... LOL

Chen said...

Buntal Seafood..
i remember going there for seafood farewell dinner for one of my colleagues in the past (that was way back in 1999)..

u all so ko lian...
haze haze...
&*^^%$ at those stupid ppl who cause the haze

Mmmmm... Being single sure means more freedom (betul betul, how true :P)

Simple American said...

Bad blogger. *wags finger*

Glad you got your post up. All that haze is so bad. And they say LA is bad.

I wanted to try ballroom dancing when I was on the cruise. Hurt my knee and could not dance at all. :(

papercrazy said...

Wah, u managed to go to Carpenter street?? We wanted to go on Saturday but the jam was so bad we ended up caught in the jam and still did not manage to go...:-(

Love yr photo with the self-made stars!!!!!

Guess that's how we have to live now that we have haze...Everything must be artificial wan....Shall we put rain in yr photo too???

zeroimpact said...

Wah... got cha cha
When teach me
I want to learn

13th Panda said...

kenny ng: Ya, hardly can find any carpark ah to go to the street.

chen: ya!&(@#^&@#^ at ppl causing haze.

simple american:*BLUSH* EHEHEHE, @@! how's ur knee now?is it ok?

papercrazy:Ya, we were lucky to found a cart park. But need to walk a distance though. :-D!ya..mayb next time i can edit my photo to have rain hor?? what a gd idea!

zeroimpact: I don't know how to cha cha ler..don't even know how to do ballroom dancing even. :-( BOOHOOHOO..i want to learn~

zeroimpact said...

Come let's learn together

Pink Cotton said...

wooo...hvn managed to go to ATAP KEI :P

but with the hot n hazy condition im not too sure i wanto go..mwehehehe

Winn said...

ais kantung huh. nvr tried before. ais kacang hor...

u go dance ballet la...can dance a need to scare wrong steps.hehe

13th Panda said...

zeroimpact: LETS!*GRIN*

pinkcotton: Ya, the haze getting worse kok..SIEN

winn: the ais kantung more like ice poured with sweet syrup. MMMM~Ballet?i tot ballet is even more difficult ler

Simple American said...

Knee is good now. *knocks on wooden head*

carcar said...

im so sleepy also comment here, see.. so nice :P

erm, blogspot always have problem leh.. i don't like, aik.

nice paku lamp :P

Red Sponge said...

kekekekekek dancing again ;p