Thursday, October 26, 2006

Weird Nine Tag ?

Tagged by redsponge

Guess its about revealing weird facts about ownself.

Hmmm, lemme tink~ *tap fingers*

ok, lets start!

(1) I am cold to strangers, but i am warm to my close friends.

(2) I love cute animals (opposite of redsponge :-P)...sometimes i think i emphatise animals more than humans. :-p I grew very attached to my pets. Once, my cat died in an accident, i cried till 1++am, and went to school with 2 swollen panda eyes. I failed my addintinal maths that day. I didn't can't to study, i was busy crying n regretting that i should played with him instead of studying, then he won't get hit by a car. I still miss MIMIC, :-(. It takes me years to heal my wound. I didn't let myself get attached to any pets after that, that is until i got Mango. :-) but hor, I think my mum and I spoilt Mango liao.

(3) I like to eat my corn and kacang kuda this way: Once they are in my mouth, i will eat the outer layer/ skin first, then i will eat the flesh. I always leave best last for me to enjoy. :-) that's my eating habit.HEEE

(4) I can't have bad food, foul smelling food.Got once, i was having my pork porridge. i thought it was without the intestine and stuff, so i ate them without checking for intestines. It was good porridge, until, i chewed on something TANGY @@! and it tasted weird...OMG!!KAAAPPUUIII!! ok..that's it..i wont even touch the rest ot the porridge. I didn't even go back to the place to have porridge anymore!

(5) I don't talk much with my father. Don't know why, cannot really communicate. Always talk through mum.

(6) I love green walls!(redsponge thinks its weird) :-p

(7) I like to keep stuff that has sentimental values to me. But mum thinks its rubbish! :-(

(8) I get bored easily :-p

I can't think of number 9. HMM!!means i am not as weird as those ppl with 9 weird facts!AHAHHA


i tag~~



Red Sponge said...

no1 - ya, u are warm and sometimes like fire 'x'!! muuu u keep scolding when doing this tag bo 'x'!!!!
no2 - *pat pat*
no3 - muuu kacang make me have goosebump terus
no4 - YUCKS! *UWEK* told u dun eat mian mian der meat 'x'
no6 - er...did i say so? hehehe
no7 - ho ho ho!!! my mama say the same things, and ho I nvr keep them anymore! 'x'
no8 - TRUE! u like new stuff all the time!
no9 - u r weird ;p

13th Panda said...

CIS, where got no.9 ah..grrr..
no.4- its not mien mien ah..its nice nice, 1 part of the intestine kok..UWEKS..but its hidden among the moi ma...:-C====

13th Panda said...

no.8 - eh..i like old stuff me they have a story..

Chen said...

green walls?
this is weird :D
very very very weird :D

or2ng3s said...

green walls?? is tat ur recent "like" after viewing tat very spectacular green wall in that particular photo? kekeke

zeroimpact said...

I know what it feels like to be sentimental... that is why I keep all my things hidden
People get attached to pets too even me... I still think of them even now...

13th Panda said...

chen : green walls are so nice to look at

Oren: no ler, dulu i already sukak green wall, after look at the photo, i like it more..keke

zeroimpact: *pat pat*

Kenny Ng said...

I seldom talk to my dad too, only talk to mom more. I also keep old stuff which got sentimental value to me...

13th Panda said...

kenny : really?guys keep those stuff too? hmm~

Pink Cotton said...

ehhhhh how come only 8 lehh...u didnt put the ones we told u...*Wink wink* muahahahaa

eh...which place got porridge with pig spare parts?? i think its nice...LOL

13th Panda said...

pinkcotton: CIS!
neh, u can go to 3rd mile kopitiam there, corner one.

Simple American said...

Not very wierd. You need to try harder. OK?