Monday, October 30, 2006

Semantan 2006

Went for a day trip to lundu and sematan on saturday. It was a sunny day. The sky was clear. And i am sleepy..:-D!

Oink's mum wanted to buy some fish and crab, but they don't have crabs at lundu, so we headed down to sematan. Believe it or not?This is the first time i've been down to Sematan.

BIG fish

Big Crab (compare it to oink's hand)

I tell you, although it seem big, but the meat is smaller compared to its shell. *dissapointed* CIS, next time must pick carefully liao.

Guess what is this?YUCKS

Yup, its smoked and dried. I don't like the tentacles. It reminds me of BIG pores. I don't like.

I see alot of these at sematan

It was getting hotter at noon, and i had a bad headache because of the heat.

When we arrived kuching, it was almost 5pm liao. I had to get ready, eat dinner (inc. crabs) and go to Crown Square for Simon's way seminar : lose weight without dieting.

It was an interesting short seminar, more of a preview actually. Simon was funny. :-D

And check out Simon!

Believe me, he is better looking in person!

and he is 49 years old. From Denmark. If you think he's not cute, pls ignore me.HAHA!

ok la.*YAWWWNN* want to go to sleep liao.


Simple American said...

Nope I think the sotong is cuter. wakakakakaka *jelez mode off*

Those are some big fish. I used to like crab. But I can never keep up with the missus family. They could eat some crabs. Whoa!

zeroimpact said...

Take less carbo for a start... you'll be losing weight
And that is a big big fish... I'd like octopus if it were fresh...

Pink Cotton said...

ya i saw a lot of those sea shells err mobile in sematan too!..hee i wonder why ho?

YUCK at the sotong ..EWWW so gilik!..muu i don wanto eat the tentacles liao :(

and oh!...ur simon looks like george bush the president of USA!!!LOLLLLL

so did you learn anything from the seminar??teach meeeeeeeee :P

13th Panda said...

simple american: HAHAHA!don't be jelez laa..:-p crabs are niceee

zeroimpact: Yeah, already taking not much since don't know when, have to jaga badan ma. Ya!got big octopus too, but i didn't take photo of it..i feel gilik..:-p

pink cotton: i guess they have alot of it (its near the beach ma), then try to make it into something pretty and sell it?

zeroimpact said...

I can teach you la... got formula one
But must be discipline
I've done it...

13th Panda said...

zeroimpact: ok!teach me~~

Chen said...

big crab, big fish, big sotong :D
too bad not much flesh to savour from the big crabs :(

I've never been to Sematan too :)

onelazybone said...

haha~ is the giant squid for real... it looks horrible..