Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Project Pizza

Oink and I never made out own pizza before. Since today is a holiday. We decided to make our own pizzas.:-)

After we bought all the required materials. We went home and start getting to work.

after chopping, dicing, frying and all, we got ready the toppings. :-)

toppings:minced beef fried with onions and green pepper, cheese, tomatoes

we had to use cheddar cheese. @@!!LOL!! I dun waste my cheddar cheese, it had been sitting long in the fridge.

it was fun spreading the sauce, putting the toppings. :-)

It was even more exciting to see the outcome. :-)


Smell so nice oh~~ The taste? unbelievable yummy! I am very satisfied with our project this time. The cheddar chesse melted nicely on the toppings. YUMMY!

I had 2 sinful pieces :-) so yummy la...

Mango waited patiently down the table. She is always in her "stay" mode when she wants to beg for food. We had taught her to "sit" and "stay", and also others. And she will always "stay" and look at you with those big bulging eyes, u can't resist not to feed her. Mango liked the pizza too. :-)


zeroimpact said...

I want
I want
I like pizza with a lot a lot of cheese
Wah so nice...
Sure very delicious one

Pink Cotton said...



i only had maggie mee ...boohooohooo

Simple American said...

Your pizza looks very good. We call it the Panda special? keke

Kenny Ng said...

gone! pizza hut, domino's pizza, shakey's pizza sure 'chap lap' after this... coming soon got 13th Pizza... LOL

Chen said...

any special name for this pizza? :D
Pandoink pizza? :)

Red Sponge said...

I WANT! Bring a piece on Thursday, ya? ;p

or2ng3s said...

u no chia me der!!! tau yien ni ah... =( btw, how did u bake the "pi" ?

13th Panda said...

zeroimpact : KEKE, too late...my bro finished them..HAHA!

pink cotton: ah?*pat pat* next time i bagi one piece for u.ahaha

simple american: *blush* TQ~~i like chen's pizza name better..HAHA

kenny ng:WUAH!!TQ TQ TQ!!*nose high high*

chen: WUAH..i like that name!!..:-)

red sponge: finished liao lo...KEKE

Oren: *blush* the ready made crust can be bought at supermarket ler...AHAHHAHA!! :-P

zeroimpact said...

So fast

13th Panda said...

zeroimpact :keke

onelazybone said...

YEO... next time should share with me.. haha~ share the recipe with me too.. HAHA~~

Frank said...

nice pizza yummy.. oh ur bulldog realli cute lah!