Monday, October 23, 2006


Tomorrow is 1st day Hari Raya!MOOOLAAAHH! i get to wake up late.YIPEEE~! Better yet, i get to wake up late the next day too!!WOOHOO!! panda's dark circle shall get lighter.:-)

Last week, Oink, my bro and I went to the ramadan stalls at sunday market there.:-)

and we saw this!

Sup tulang "bone soup"

@@! I dun dare to drink that soup. It must be a cow's bone. So big ler..eeekk


*WOO WOO WOO BALIK KAMPUNG~ WOO WOO WOO BALIK KAMPUNG~* <- oink's fav song recently ¬.¬

good nite~
sleep tite~
dun let the bed bugs bite~


zeroimpact said...

Sup tulang...
What you don't see, you dare to eat or drink
I wonder what would a panda look like with lighter black eye patch

Chen said...

happy hols ;)

this year i didn't see the blue hypo advertisement in tv (might be cos I seldom watch tv? :P )

Simple American said...

It looks like a dinosaur bone to me. *runs away*

13th Panda said...

zeroimpact: Now i know where it comes from, i won't dare to drink it anymore!!i will drink chinese one only. :-p

chen: I don't see the blue hypo raya advert oso liao..but they did advertise about something else..forgot what is it liao..hahaha

simple american: *RUB CHIN* hmmm, a bit hor...u r sked of the bone oso is it?HAHAHA

Red Sponge said...

hehehehe...i think ur dark circles find their place on my face 'x'