Saturday, October 21, 2006

Can't view blogger page last night. That's why i can't blog last night.

Yesterday Oink and I had lunch at....

I like the walls. :-) OK LA, it was my first time at Tom's. I have never been there for cake even. :-p

I never knew we can have regular meals at Tom's. I always known they serve yummylicious cake. Well, thanks to Oinks colleagues, we know now.HAHA. And the lunch was on them. :-)

I ordered hot milo.

My hot milo.

Price: rm4.90
review: waiseh!nice! I like!

Oink ordered Spaghetti Carbonara.

review: SUPER YUMMY la ( i will come back for this again!)

but the portion a bit little for Oink lo. I think la.:-p

I ordered Chicken chop.

Price : Rm13++ ( can't remember the exact amount)
review : ok la, quite yummy, big portion, i like the salad!mm mm~

I shared my chicken chop with Oink. I don't think i can finish it.

WUAH, so full la after that. No room for cake liao although they seem oh-so-tempting. But i shall go back for the cake! :-)

Just now, went pak thor , watched movie : Rob-B-Hood. nice la. Make me want to cry niah. If watch at home, sure i cry, but at cinema, i was trying hard to with held my tears.The BB so cutteee. Make me want to have a baby of my own! @@! nan dao this is maternal instinct!@@! aiyer...

AHAHAH..ok la..good nite~ong ong time.


Chen said...

wanna have a baby of your own?
I presume the wedding bell is ringing soon ????????


Kenny Ng said...

middle of the nite oso make me hungry... cham lor... LOL

Pink Cotton said...


someone wanto hv bb liao?!?!?!???!?!

guo ran *cough cough* liao de person tu si differnet...HAHAHAHAH

mmm i didnt know tom's got serve meals wan ler..i also tot they only serve cakes n coffee...giggle

byebye ha...pls don make babies yet



zeroimpact said...

Food looks nice
Baby... when when when

13th Panda said...

chen : @@!

kenny ng: KAKAKAKKAKA! u didn't have dinner ker?

pink cotton: CIS! not going to so soon la...*KEJAR~~*

zero impact: baby...not yet ..:-p dunno when..HAHA..wait after i marry 1st..AHHAHA

Red Sponge said...

u wan bb??? then mango how? 'x'

Red Sponge said...

eh Tom's changes their menu kar?

I remember the dishes there are very veyr very expensive booooo!


It has been years since my last visit. hee..and that is the only i been there *paiseh*

13th Panda said...

red sponge: mango can be big sister. *rub chin*CIS!!no la..not going to have a bb soon la..CIS

they have lunch menu ler..which is cheaper.The dinner menu is $$!very $$!

Simple American said...

Be careful with them maternal instincts. Very dangerous.

13th Panda said...

simple american : i will! i will! LOL