Monday, July 20, 2009


Yesterday so happy lo


in my mahjong-playing-history,

I won this may not be very big to others, but this is my GREATEST achievement in Mahjong to date ok?

So I took photo of my winning tiles. 'x'

At first, its not a "dui dui" tiles. I keep getting flower tiles, see the many flower tiles on the first row? left 2 hiding uncovered, the rest didn't even manage to get any flower. And finally I manage to "zhi mo" "7 shuo"

WAHAHAH, so damn happy ok! "zhi mo" kok!!

"ZHI MO"! " "DUI DUI"! "OWN FLOWER"! "BAI BAN"!"HUNG ZHONG"! left one big tile then I can make it to "Da 3 yuan"!

But then I am happy enough, since I manage to "zhi mo" a tile myself to win this game.



MyPrecious said...
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VampireM said...

wow... nice tiles...

btw, your RSS feed cacat lor...
Today I baru get 6 updates all at once starting from this post -_-"