Thursday, July 16, 2009


I am recently quite addicted to online shopping.

I buy clothes, hair stuff, accessories online. And I am like a step away from buying shoes online but scared that it won't fit me/ look good on me.
Although they look soooo tempting and drop dead gorgeous in the photos. *hands itchy* Its so hard to find a shoe you really like in Kuching. They don't stock up shoes your size alot ( I wear size 4.5) and definitely not alot designs to choose from.Think boring *yawn*. I usually shop for shoes at KL. And if I really really badly truly need a shoe, I will go to Hock Lee's Heatwave, they always have my size.

I don't know why, I think its soo much easier to shop online for clothes once you know your size since all these online boutiques do describe the measurements. And its MUCH cheaper also! Even with the postage. I saw an exact turtle neck I bought online here at one of the shops along Jalan Tun Jugah. And guess what?That shop sell more than RM 10 more expensive than what I pay online (excluding the postage fee)
I saw another exact same piece at another shop at Jalan Tun Jugah selling at RM75 and the tauke neo say cannot less anymore online and guess what?Its selling for less than RM50. What the...!

If you shop online also won't have a sales promoter tagging you like a puppy, complimenting HOW GOOD you look in their clothes even though in reality, it looks so fugly on you. For all these reasons, I am soo into shopping online. There's a risk though, I once bought a dress of a poor quality :(. But now, as I more experienced in online shopping compared to then, I know which online shops I can go, and which not.

Besides, the fashion in online shops is much more IN and have MORE variety. BUT! buying online you have to act FAST. You cannot think long long like when you are in the changing room. The more popular online boutiques always have their GOOD STUFF grabbed up before you can even click to see the enlarged photos. AHHA . I once naively thought that the next day the clothes will still be available,
Let me think on whether to buy not first, only to have the status of that clothes that I finally decided to buy changed to SOLD OUT,or only left stock with colours that people with no colour blind wants.. SIGHHH..AHAHAH

When I get my salary this month, I shall do some more online shopping. AHAHHA

The pearl hair band I recently purchased.

NICE? Had to cover my eyes with my had to protect them from the flash.


Laura Hii said...

normally which site u shop online? I find it Ebay-Malaysia kind of "KNS"

13th Panda said...

I don't shop at ebay. 'x' U just type certain cloth you are looking in blog search, sure got lotsa "blogshop" for you to visit.