Monday, July 27, 2009

Last Week

Monday - Had trouble waking up in the morning due to the insomnia I had during the weekend which is due to too much day time sleeping 'x'. Had a briefing with some user who are new to my system. Grumbled when I received email on CHANGE REQUESTS to my other system (system C) in the afternoon.

Tuesday - Again having trouble to wake up. Brushed my teeth while thinking what should I do for today. And it was decided to continue with my new system development in the morning and change according to requests for the System C in the afternoon. But once I got to office, I started with System C instead 'x'

Wednesday -AGAIN! Just because of a disturbed sleeping routine in the weekend, it totally affected my week. The usuals at work. Had lunch and found a worm in my vege. Proves that my vege was not chemically treated.'x' Better than finding cockroach/ flies in my lunch. Oink said its extra protein. I told him he can have it if he wants 'x'

Thursday - I had to use all my force in my eye muscle to lift my eye lids open. AHAHAHA. Work was as usual. Had lunch at McDonald's, was sooo full.

Friday - Still having trouble waking up. Work was as usual but did it more "relaxing-ly" .TGIF. Taking it slow and steady. Had Indian lunch with Oink. After lunch, my work progressed even slower. AHAHAH. That was until I got an email routed to me AT 4.30pm!! which required a job done in 3 working days. *GRUMBLE* I don't want to leave it till next week. So I just proceeded with the job. Luckily its an easy one. Feeling really contented that I solved it, and I would have one less thing to worry in the weekend.

Saturday - Overslept! Supposed to go BP Health Centre to do blood test early in the morning. By the time we got up, fed Mango and wait for her to pee and poo, got ready, its almost 10.40 am. 'x' When we were at BP, we had our weight and height measured. I dropped 3 ++ kg. I happily announced it to Oink. In which he replied :" THAT'S BECAUSE YOU HAVEN'T EATEN YET MA.." -.-"'

Sunday - Went to this quite new kopitiam near our house to find the choices is really limited. Baked some potatoes when I got home. And it was amazing-ly delicious. San went to Hong Kong & Macau, and gave me some egg tarts from Macau. SO YUMMMY OK?! I really miss the egg tarts. And it soooo good. I keep repeating its soo yummy while eating the tarts.

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