Thursday, July 02, 2009

Hilton High Tea

Last Saturday, we had high tea at Hilton.

Hilton is having its 21st Anniversary, and is currently having promotion for all its buffet at 21++

However, I believe most of it should have been fully booked.

Because our high tea was PACKED with people, HUNGRY people. People here and there, and the food run out fast. So we had to grab the food fast also.

This is my first plate of food. I am lazy to take any more photos of the food cos I am hungry and since there's a lot of people moving around, it won't be convenient for me to do so too.

And guess who joined us ( there's 12 of us all together)?

Gabbie! She was napping most of the time and woke up when we are almost done chomping on food. Her chubby cheeks so cute laa..


Laura Hii said...

omg so cheap Rm21++++

does it available everyday??

13th Panda said...

nope, its on promotion for hilton's 21st anniversary, next yr 22nd year, may be got 22++?AHAHA