Friday, July 03, 2009

Betime Story

One night when I am unwell, I was soo sleepy. Tired. But then since its still early, I felt like its so sayang to sleep so early.'x' Hope you get what I mean. But then, I need to sleep early cos I am sick, but then feel like chatting with Oink who was surfing the net, reading football news beside me. I told Oink things at office and etc. Then I said "aiyah, you tell me story till I sleep la.."

So he began with " Once upon a time.."

" there's a bird, it caught a worm and flew back to its nest. It then feed the worm to chick no.1, then chick no.2, chick no.3, chick no.4, youngest chick..

then feed chick no.1 again, then chick no.2 again, chick no.3 again, chick no.4 again, youngest chick again.." I can see where this story is leading -.-"'

I interrupted " HOW CAN?!! how can a single worm feed so many chicks, so many time??!"

Oink replied " aiyah, the bird cut the worm to small pieces ma.."

me : O.O!! What the..

Oink : " then a boy came with 'lastik(sling shot)' and the nest is hit and all the birdie died.."

me : O.o!! " want to give me nightmare is it?"

Oink : *chuckles* "OK OK, I change the story a bit.. The boy missed and all the birdies live happily ever after..together..~the end~ "

Then I dozed off and slept :)

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