Thursday, November 02, 2006

Siapa mahu pegi?

I am helping Jaqq advertise this. HEEE

Oink is accompanying his bro in law go. So someone has to go there are keep an eye on them right? Fashion show should have tall pretty ladies eh? So i must keep an eye on them , and help Oink's sis to keep an eye on the bro in law too! LOL

*whisper* i hope there will be hunky male models too! Like that baru fair! guys have 'something' to look at, i also want ma..:-p but then, there's also jewellery exhibition. Notice the dress code is Dress to Kill? YESS, which means there will be alot of sexy ladies going!ladies ALWAYS like to dress up.

So guys, if you go, you will have lots of 'eye candies', ladies, if you go, you will get the chance to dress up. How many chances do you get to dress up in kuching anyway?except mayb to go for wedding receptions?

Somemore, there will be a fashion show and internation jewellery show. And the best part is, its a charity gala.


zeroimpact said...

I want to go
I want to go
I help Oink keep an eye on you?

13th Panda said...

@@~ AHAHHA..notty notty zeroimpact

i am very guai need lar~~:-p

Simple American said...

So will you post some pics for me. I likes eye candy. :)

Pink Cotton said...

hmmm rm50 for an eyeful of eye candy is quite expensive..and spending rm50 to keep an eye on someone is even more expensive...

why dont you just develop a big pic of urs and paste it in oink's wallet..tat way whenever he open his wallet,he will see your face...sure he no dare!


zeroimpact said...

Sure or not...
Pink Cotton must have done it before...

13th Panda said...

simple american: HAHA!ok!

pink cotton: @@! CIS

zeroimpact: ya!must be she did this before

Winn said...

have fun ya!

Red Sponge said... charity!!!

13th Panda said...

winn: HEEE..I will

red sponge:@@