Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Charity Luncheon. No Luck

Hi, don't know you guys remember not, I ever mentioned about a charity luncheon not long ago.

I went for it last Sunday.

Well, the model were not professional ones as I thought they would be. They are volunteers. Pretty and proud mums/ students/ kids.

Here are some photos of them:

The food was ok though, but it was too cold. Mayb I wore too little. :-p Just kidding.


There's Eye Candies for me!

The africans are really good at dancing, keep moving their hips

All the photos taken are by Oink. I could have taken better photos.:-P

There were lucky draws also. But i didn't win!cis

There's this zirconia necklace. But the one got it was no.236. My number was 263. CIS. NO luck.


Anonymous said...

wah so close to ur number...mweheheh i nvr hav luck in lucky draw, unlike my sil, always win the first prize.


Chen said...

i don't have luck in lucky draw too :(

Simple American said...

Pretty hot looking for just moms. How come you dun model ma?

Anonymous said...

eh.. shud ask me to go for event coverage. :P

zeroimpact said...

Me also no luck one
Heh heh heh
Never mind la, there is always a next time
The luncheon looks great and very successful

13th Panda said...

redsponge: WAH! your SIL has luck!

chen: ok la, we are same luck gang..LOL

simple american: I am not in the organizing committee ma, somemore i am a very shy person..KEKE!

allen: HAHA! You should pretend from the media hor!then they will let u in free and for sure u can take better shots than Oink.:-p

zeroimpact: AHA!another no luck for the gang.LOL

nyonyapenang said...

aiyah, talk about lucky draw ah? gula-gula satu biji pun tak pernah dapat.

Anonymous said...

*knock knock*

There must have been some magic in that old silk hat they found.
For when they placed it on his head
he began to dance around.

13th panda dances with the snowman!


13th Panda said...

nyonya penang: HAHA!now i tiba2 feel consoled, rupa-rupanya i am not alone..LOL

redsponge: wah!carolling! but sorry, no ang pau for u