Sunday, November 05, 2006

Out Whole Saturday


Woke up 8am and went to breakfast with oink. ZZZ.
Then, went back home, and get ready to go out with a fren.

I teman her go clinic.

Wait wait wait~

Finally she came out. And we decided to go lunch at Sanga Don.

After that we went shopping. For baby stuff. Before u jump to conclusion, its for her niece. :-)

We went to this shop called little lamb. Its a very cute store selling baby stuff. Got lots of cute toys. I keep OOOHH AHHH-ing.

but end up she didn't buy anything there..:-D!

Got back home at almost 2pm. Quick quick ironed my clothes, cos i am going out with oink at 2pm.

We went out with my family a while, then Oink, my bro and I proceeded to the career expo and the WOW expo.

I was a bit tired by then, didn't have any nap. :-((

so I didn't really go look at each booth.

Got this at WOW expo.

I am so SUAKU. Didn't even know Kuching has a chocolate design shop.

After that we went to Hui Sing to have ais kacangs.

Was almost 6 when arrived home.

Then take bath and get ready to go Oink's house eat steambot. :-)

After steambot, went to UK funfair at MJC.

Took a ride on this.

Maybe i was too tired. I got very dizzy while having the ride. End up i closed my eyes and just enjoy the breeze niah.HAHA.

Wuah, what a day. I had a nice sound sleep at nite.:-)


may said...

OMG!! Giant Sotong Ride!! liuliuliu... Doktor Chen would love this, hahahaha!

13th Panda said...

may : OH YA HOR!LOL!

zeroimpact said...

Very busy and interesting day wo...
I like the chocolate... but then with so nice the design, I will sayang to eat...
So beautiful...

13th Panda said...

zeroimpact: ya lo..its still there..i keep looking at it..rasa sayang to eat it

Red Sponge said...

mwehehe...i saw ur MOON 'x'!!!

13th Panda said...

red sponge:Good! ur eye sight improves already by wearing the contacts..:-p

onelazybone said...

wow.. you really fast a posting blog.. I hardly have enough rest..
haha~ remember to send me the photo.. hehe~ You always seems to have your day fully occupied.. Enjoyed reading your blog..

Chen said...

Sotong Ride...
Did that ride sotong-ified u? :P