Monday, November 20, 2006

A little of everything

I am super lazy to blog nowadays.HEEE :-p

So today i shall blog a bit longer. HEE.

Lets take a look at what mango was doing, shall we?


Mango was taking her weekly bath.HAHA. We need to bath her in a pail, to keep her from running away.:-p When she was still a pup, there's always bubbles blowing out of her tiny nose when we bath her. So adorable. Now she only knows to stick out tongue at people. CIS.HMPH.

Yesterday we saw this at Kenyalang! And i can't help myself from laughing out loud.


I wonder who is such a big fan of Initial D? LOL..We kept laughing while taking this photo. We tried to surpress our laughter, scared that the owner might be nearby. :-p

Meet my cousin's son. Bigs eyes eh?
Kids nowadays all have big eyes.Sien. I'm jealous.:-p

He is very obedient oh. Mango likes to bully him. The first say he came, mango made him cry.HAHA..this mango. Need to piak piak mango's pigu.

I went to Patio "yum cha" with Hui Tze last night, its a nice place, the price is reasonable. Only thing is its too noisy, the music is too loud, too many people is talking. We had a hard time chatting.

Today, Oink brought something special for our lunch.

A very very very BIG bun.


Oink cannot resist tempation. So he .....

tore apart the bun..

and inside is:


Woah! So itside the bun right, was curry chicken, wrapped with one layer of plastic and another paper-like layer over the plastic.

MMM~ not bad. But sayang the curry not spicy enough.

Its called Jumbo Curry Bun.

You can get this at QUN FA Bakery, MJC.

Its RM 4.50 per piece. And you will need to order at least 2 days in advance and the minimum order is 5 pieces.

Interested, pls order frm Mr. Chai, 016 873 2563.

P/s: Te bun is enough for 2 pax. In fact, oink and i can't finish the bread. We were too full. And it kept us full for the whole PM. Made me sleepy at work.HAHA


Anonymous said...

har? the curry is inside the bun?

aiyer...why like that? not separate der meh????

Anonymous said...

who is that hui tze. :P what's the surname? ting ah?

that bun.. is rather common in kl leh.. i nvr try though.. curry inside the bun.. haha..

13th Panda said...

redsponge:That's why special ma.. :-p

allen: ya, ting, frm BL oso ma..:-p..hmm, i tink apart frm my own high school ppl, i know quite a number of BL ppl liao

Chen said...

mango eyes so big geh in the first picture... like protruding lidat...
my dog hates bathing too :P
i think dogs generally dislike bathing

wat a gigantic bun...

Anonymous said...

haha.. icic.. that hui tze ah.. :P
i thought so too..

you know bl ppl.. hmm.. u know me? :P

Kenny Ng said...

I saw a similar initial D car b4 in KL. The roti looks so yummy...

Simple American said...

Hey there. Can you pick up my curry bun order and fedex it to me overnight? 0.0

The baby is cute. But I think Mango has bigger eyes. keke

Winn said...

wah that car.. terror nya.

mango so cute. post more of him next time..

onelazybone said...

haha~ I saw this kind of bun in one of the tv show in 8TV, 'ho chak'. Can't believe now in Kch also available.. :P

zeroimpact said...

We call it bread chicken here and is famous in Malacca area...
I'm so hungry now... no take breakfast edi for 2 weeks

13th Panda said...

chen:when she's doing her "big business", the eyes are more protruding ah..HAHAHA

allen:i dunno you ler,nvr seen you, maybe I should ask someone let me see your photo..HAHA!

kenny ng:haha!Initial D's fanatics, the bun was ok, but too much for us

simple american: If can, i will fedex to is proud of her eyes

winn: keke..MANGO says TQ for saying her cute..

onelazybone:keke, when u come back, we can order n kongsi~

zeroimpact:aiyo~~why u don't take brkfast?must take oh..

fish fish said...

Hmmm... do you mean the curry is treated with high heat with plastic and paper on iside a bun? Hmmm...

13th Panda said...

fish fish: not sure high heat not ler...but better dun eat to much la hor?:-p

Anonymous said...

try to google my photo! :P hehe..

Selba said...

Whoaaaaa.. that bun so big eh... must share leh.. kekeke