Friday, November 24, 2006


Don't know is it because i have stared too long at the monitor at office too long everyday, I've begin to avoid being near my own pc. HAHA!

But tonight i got some free time. HEE

OK! Lets begin!

That day (forgot which day) Oink bought this.


Rm10.90 only! cheaper than Scoops ler! *EXCITED*

and bigger in size too!MORE SCOOPS!


1 scoop at Scoops is Rm5 ler.

So i happy happy ceduk a few scoops into a bowl.

HMMM~ taste a bit lose to Scoops' gelato lo. But then its still yummy lo. :-) Thanks Oink.

After the gelato, i found out my 1st bloom! :-)

I saw the bud a few days ago, and was wondering what color the flower would be?Would it be red?pink?yellow?white? So excited! Its like becoming a parent. BOY?GIRL?

And that night it bloomed!



WAH!I'm so proud!

I hope her other weaker siblings shall bloom soon also. Kirei na hana.

We had a farewell lunch today. A colleague will leave us soon. We went to Elephant.

Garlic Pasta

Its Yummmy bor! I give it 4 stars.

Price: Rm12.90

Meanwhile Oren just got back frm Sg. And she bought us something cute n pretty. I got a purple one.

Nice lar~!


BTW, i put up meebo in my blog yesterday. Now, if its a coincidence that i am online, we can chat up in meebo. HEE


nyonyapenang said...

i wan some ice-cream oso, please.

zeroimpact said...

I want gelato
And some of the pasta too

Selba said...

Food.. food.. food!!!

gelato ice cream..... pasta....


Oh.. pretty earings!!! :D

13th Panda said...

nyonyapenang : WELCOME! You come to kch, i belanja u..HAHA!

zeroimpact: COME COME to Kch.

selba:ya, oren has gd taste...i like my earrings.HEE

Anonymous said...

13thpanda, i haven't try the gelato yet ah!! and not yet been to SCOOP.... =(

Winn said...

oh meaning i gotta have meebo?
i very jungle i duno wats meebo. haah

Pink Cotton said...


where he bought it?!!?

i mean the gellato :P

Anonymous said...

hmmmmm i think ice cream taste better bukan? gelato is ko-ko de..



Simple American said...

Gelato!!! I fren you. :)

Cute earrings. You have a nice friend.

13th Panda said...

winn: I oso saw meebo at some1 else's i got one for myself

pinkcotton:hui sing's supermarket ler

redsponge:I like both bor

simple american:Cheers, fren!

L B said...

HELLO, HELLO, thanks for the wishes!!!

carcar said...

i want EVERYTHING!!~ please....

Anonymous said...

did i js see ice cream!!! I WANT!!