Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I had a Great Start

This entry will be a bit WU LIAO.:-p but i still want to write abt it anyway. So that someday, when i'm in a bad mood, i can still read this back to cheer me up!:-D

This morning i had a Great Start! First of all, I woke up HAPPY! Why?bcos i dreamt a CUTE KOREAN guy and I pak thor!LOL!!!! How i know he is korean? Bcos i watched his drama! He was the guy frm “A Sad Sonata” (6pm, Tv2), i dunno his name, but he is not the main actor, he was the friend of the main actor, a son to a rich man. His role in the drama matches the type of guy i like. Intelligient, quirky, a little bit naughty, with lots of personalities. *salivating* LOL! My bf is not going to be very happy if he reads this, but its a dream only right?HEHE But he has these small eyes that I don't really like. RedSponge loves a guy with small eyes. *WINK WINK* But its not his appearance that atrracts me, its the personalities he is in, in the drama.

Ok, enough about my dream. The next things that cheers me up is a greeting from Mango, my pug.HEHE. When i open my bed room door, sure she will run up to me and lick my toes. TEHEHE.

Then its shower time! I don't know wats with the heater lately, may be it was the water pressure or something, the water from the shower head is either too hot (scalding hot!) or its not even warm. But today I had the right temperature for my body and hair. *HAPPY* I spent my time in the shower longer than my usual days.

Then i had a satisfying breakfast while reading yesterday papers. My dad always bring today's paper to work. Since I havn't read the news yesterday, I read it today lo. My mum cooked nice porridge for us. HEHE.

Then while waiting for my “driver” to pick me to work, I humm to myself a tune. You know the song “Bad Day”? They always play this tune in American Idol 5 when a candidate is eliminated. But instead of “You had a bad day...” I turned it into “I'll have a great day....”I cant remember the rest of the lyrics. So i just humm along.

Then my “driver” arrived lo, then when inside his car, guess wats on the radio? Its the “Bad Day” song!Then i told my “driver” how i changed the lyric.HAHA.

OK la, now still morning. I hope i will have many great things happening to me today. *whisper: I hope i dream again abt that korean guy tonight*


Red Sponge said...

Why you mention about small eyes? LOL
Ya, small eyes are gifted with good personalities *bleks*!

Good Day!!

Pink Cotton said...

tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk

my ah kong not good meh??? :P

heee...sometimes it only takes little little things to make us happy!! ^_^

but 2day is not my happiest days

i m not feeling very well ...SOB!!!...why today of all days???

anyway...pls pray for me ..and hope i can buy souvenirs for u 'x'

13th Panda said...


ur ah kong gd, but sometimes need to tukar selera a bit ma..AHAHAH!!KIDDING!