Tuesday, May 16, 2006


As i previously mentioned, i would go climb mount singai and show everybody the photos. Well, I went there on 30th April, 2006, with my bf, wen n bf, fel & her friends. BOY!was it tough!I tot it was suppose to be fairlyeasy...it surprised me that we need to depends on ropes at some places cos its too steep! My bf has to push my BUTT frm behind to make me go up..SO SIAH SUAY..LOL..then we need to move under tree barks..My BF can't go through one of them, as the gap underneath the bark is not big enough for him to go through..He has to climb over the bark..it was funny. But after almost 2 hrs, me, my bf, wen & her bf finally reached the top. Fel and her friends are already waiting for us up there like half an hour ago..LOL...there were some breeze on top, n we sat and rest on the rocks..:-p..it was actually nothing up there, only that u can see the view frm a v high place..LOL..and it was kinda HOT. :-p

Here are some of the photos we took frm the top:

I dunno wat is this, but its there on top of Mt. Singai

I tried to take the photo of the view below

My bf did a better job, he IS taller bah..

Mount Santubong!kidding!i dunno wat mountain, but its pretty..

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