Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My Mango is ripe!

Mango, once a cute puppy pug, now have officically bcame an adult!She had her 1st period 2 days ago. I cant believe how fast she has grown!

These few weeks to come i must not let any stray male dogs approach her..HMMM


Pink Cotton said...


y u don wanto snip snip her? 'x'
if there are male dogs around your neighbourhood,they can sniff out any female dogs in heat u kno??
and they will come to ur gate and scratch and howl and howl~

Red Sponge said...




Hmmm long time din see any photos of her come?
Not pretty liao kar? HAHA

13th Panda said...

pink cotton: dunno ler, i c no male dogs howl n howl ler?mayb my mango not laku?LOL...mayb they r scared of me?luckily my bro is back, i asked him to make sure no male dog approach her

red sponge: Why 1 2 see her photo?She is STILL pretty and cute and erm a little fat. AH bo i bring her to ur house let u see?KEKE