Wednesday, April 26, 2006

You know what I did last saturday?

I forgot wat I did in the morning, but in the afternoon, i went to my 1st Belly Dancing Class! I wanted to go to Latin dancing class at 1st but my bf is not very happy with the idea. The belly dancing was fun, I learnt that u can move ur hip in a lot of ways. And our pretty and young instructor taught us how to do tummy exercise.*WINK* Even the tummy exercise is harder than it seems. U see, we need to do the tummy exercise by breathing. You first start by breathing in then breath out n let our ur tummy as big as u can, breath in again, and breath out, then u increase the pace, and increase the pace again, and then end it with a breath in (tummy squeeze in tight2). My instructor can do it perfectly, she bared her tummy to let us c the movement. Hers is like got wave, the tummy can breath in and breath out with a wave-like pattern, mine is like either protruded/ sucked in niah..* SIEN* My colleague was saying they used indian music to dance, when i went it is actually arabic types, which is better. We get to move our butt in a few different ways. While we do that, we need to gently move our hands as well, the instructor keep asking us to look sexy, but trying to look sexy is hard when u r trying to concentrate. It is good news to us that NO GUYS are allowed in class. HEHE
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The lady inside says she was like this before:

And now :

I had my jlpt level 4 certificate presentation and gathering at my Japanese language teacher's (Mr. Foo) house later in the evening. We are required to pay rm15 for the food and each of us are to bring along a present that values around RM20 (for lucky draw). After having tofu, mixed vege, satays, curry, man tao with fatty pork, etc. Mr. Foo decided to give a looooooong speech about his experience in teaching and how he started the classes. After that, our teacher presents us our certs (finally!)

After the cert presentation, its lucky draw time.

My Certificate..HEHE

There were 22 gifts. But the draw is for 28 persons (6 of them didn't manage to come but they paid for the food). Meaning some people will not have anything to bring back lohhh.. I was worried, as i have no luck in lucky draws. I am beginning to feel that i will go back home empty handed. :-( I was actually eye-ing the electrical rice cooker (the smallest size) as hope that I will get it. :-D. Some lazy participants actually gave ang paos instead, cos they lazy go buy gifts ma. Each of us are required to go up, pick up a gift and draw a number. Then the person whose name is in that number in the list Mr. Foo handed out previously gets to get that gift. After all wrapped gifts are gone, i still havn't won anything yet. :-( ppl are starting to pick the ang pau as gift and draw. I was telling myself, no rice cooker, ang pau oso can laahh..LOL...Then soon enough, I won the 2nd last angpao. A bit happy, at least i got something. HEHE. A guy got the rice cooker. We then had our class photo. :-) feels like back in school again. :-))

After that, we all bade goodbye, and go home. I stopped by my bf's house before going home. And my bf asked me wat have i won. Then i remembered the ang pao, he asked me to oepn it. After seeing wats inside i was even HAPPIER! WAH!

My lucky draw gift.

It was more than i have imagined!I thought it was supposed to be a 20. :-)))) so happy, means i'm starting to get lucky?@@ LOL i was a but startled at 1st when i looked at the money. It was dark, and i was shocked to not c 2 pipece of red notes. Instead, i saw a blue/ green note. I tot it was a rm1 note at 1st..when i saw the figure!! happy.:-) I heard the rice cooker only rm38. Then i ma got better gift than the rice cooker?!!*ESTATICALLY HAPPY*LOL!!!

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