Thursday, July 03, 2014

Another Loss

I don't know how to start this post. We lost someone on 28 June 2014. We just saw him for my nephew's first birthday party 2 days before. We talked to him, I wished we had talk more, I wish we had taken more photos :(. In fact he sat next to my father. When I broke the news to my dad, he couldn't believe us, neither could we. It was too sudden, too shocking, too cruel. He was about to retire even, just a bit more. He still had full head of black hair, not much wrinkles. He was full of vigour,he exercised regularly. But he had a heart attack while playing basketball. Post mortem result was all 3 main arteries was blocked. Prior to that, according to Aunty, he didn't show any symptom at all. When cousin-in-law called my FIL on that fateful day about his dad still being rescued, they rushed over, didn't even make it there when cousin-in-law called again to inform about the horrible news. Whilst Oink, Tomato and I was having dinner at my parent's house, and only got to know the news when we got back home. I couldn't believe it when Oink told me, I thought he was joking, but this is too much of a serious matter to be joked about. HOW? WHY? Oh dear God! We attended his funeral yesterday (2nd July) which was also his eldest son's birthday. :( Oh how life is so fragile, how it can be taken away so easily without any warning. Do spend more time with your family, bicker less, tolerate more. Cherish! Rest in peace, Uncle.

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