Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sydney Day 1 - University of Wollongong

Of all the cities we went in Australia, Sydney is my favourite.  :)

Compared to others, its nice and warm-ish and yet not too warm. Just nice. I love it.Its very obvious that Tomato also liked it here, she was immediately well, and her appetite suddenly increased 'x'.

We plan to take things easy at Sydney, since we are relying on public transport here.Our hotel (Central Station Hotel), and is pretty near to the Central Station. 

I believe Tomato enjoyed Sydney most too, cos her appetite suddenly grew so much here. Keep asking for mam-mam (food). And also maybe because she didn't eat much when she was sick while at Hobart.

I decided to go and visit University of Wollongong. Although I didn't physically study there, but my degree program was from there.  My college offered this twinning program with the Uni. And since we are at Sydney, I figure I should grab this opportunity to go and have a look.

But first, let us take a selfie. LOL! We took a south coast line train from Central Station to North Wollongong Station. The journey took about 2 hours 17.20 AUD  for a return ticket. From there, there's a free shuttle bus which will bring you to the campus, just look for the Uni Logo on the bus.

The bus will make a few stops once inside the campus. And in my mind, I ran through my memory to get down as close to the duck pond as possible. My friend told me its nice there. And I think it would be nice for Tomato to run around looking at ducks since she likes to see animals so much.

The Uni is smaller than I expected. And we quickly reach our destination. But the pond is really nice. And the scenery is so serene. Students lying down relaxing on the grass, reading, chatting, eating. So carefree. I envy. LOL!  

The people there doesn't seem to be surprised when they see Tomato. She is the only small kid around. I was told by my friend, there are parents who are students that sometime bring their kids here.

Tomato had a blast, she ran around like nobody's business, exploring the surroundings, while we sit down in the shade watching. Oink got panic whenever she is too near the pond.

Hello there Duckie! The ducks there is not even afraid of humans. And the grass seem clean, I wonder where they poop? 'x'

We lunched at the nearest cafe (there's a few) we can find. And one pretty student commented that Tomato has very nice hair colour. Her dad has brown hair as a kid, hers is not as light as what he had, its a darker shade of brown.

We left around 2pm but took the wrong shuttle bus, which goes to town instead of North Wollongong Station. Nvm, we treat it as 'makan-angin'. Tomato fell asleep in the bus.

And she slept through the train ride back to Central Station. :)


Chee3e said...

"Students lying down relaxing on the grass, reading, chatting, eating. So carefree."

I think the same can be said about the public there as well. They can lie anywhere with grass and read books and sleep. I think in here, if we do this, we would:-
(a) End up sitting on kaw sai (dog poop).
(b) Get robbed or some other unpleasant crimes.
(c) Everyone stares at you like you are mad.
(d) You probably would not do it even if A,B,C don't exist, because the freaking hot sun is enough to make you crawl back to your AC-ed rooms.
Any others? ;)

chee3e said...

Oh, and also risk some ah beng will drive his car onto the grass by accident and caused an unwanted experience. And even more, Toyota Hilux and some other giant 4WD will think the grass are their turf and you are infringing their parking spots.

chee3e said...

Also risk of falling into uncovered drains and such. Risk of sitting on nails and got poked.
Even drain smells decorating the air!

chee3e said...

Stray dogs walking around and being an uninvited company. The list is just endless.

13thpanda said...

AHAHAH, Chee3e, I couldn't agree more! When I tried relaxing like how they did on the grass, I felt a bit awkward. 'x' hmmmm.

But you know? when I was in Vietnam, Ho Chin Minh to be exact, I saw the people there do that too!