Sunday, June 08, 2014

Hobart Day 2 - Richmond Village, Richmond Bridge, Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary & Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden

It just so happen that while we are there, Richmond Village is having a fair. :D

After driving for about 40 mins with the help of the GPS (its a must!), we arrived.

Already cars start to crowd. The weather could not be more perfect. Clear blue sky, sunny, and yet not hot. In fact it was very windy that Tomato demanded to wear her beanie. Anyway, Tomato was still not feeling very well, no appetite, refuse water, but still in playful food. In fact, she vomited at 5am in the morning :/

 Double Decker bus spotted on the way to the fair. Its actually operating. 

Our very first country fair :D Now get to see it for ourselves. Kids were running around, there's a band playing instruments, food stalls, handicraft stores, animals, animal rides.

 Looking at Cao-ni-ma ( I am not cursing here 'x'). Its Grass Mud Horse.

HEEE. What's a fair without people dress up in colonial costume? See, told you its windy.

We walked over to Richmond Bridge. 

There's a very scenic river under the bridge and Tomato was very excited when she saw the ducks  waddling around, she called out "dok dok" LOL. 

After that, we wanted to lunch. I really wanted to try some scallop pies, but unfortunately its finished. BOOHOOHOO. So I settled with some fried stuff. We ate alot of fried stuff while at Aus. I even bought 2AUD juice for Tomato, but she rejected it :( still no appetite.

After lunch, we headed to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

Entrance Fee :
Family (2 adults & 2 children) $65.00
Adult $25.00
Child (4-15 years) $11.00
Child (3 years and under) Free

It pretty near to Richmond Village. And with GPS, its no problem for us to get there in 15 mins.

With every ticket, you get a packet of feed to give to the kangaroos. Papa Kangaroo is also carrying a Joey too (Tomato). LOL!! I was very excited to feed the kangaroos, but I found their nibbles a bit painful O_O So I end up throwing the feed on the ground so that they can have it. LOL. And while they eat, I pet them, and when Tomato saw it, she also bravely pet them, but Oink is very worried the Kangaroos might scratch  or even kick Tomato, so he stopped her. We saw 2 kangaroos fight. It was funny, it was not vicious or anything, but the bigger kangaroo keep kicking to keep the other one away from the food on the ground.

We saw Tasmanian Devil too. It kept running around and around. I saw it bite into a carcass too. Its jaw is really strong cos I heard bone crunching :S

After that we drove back to Hobart Town  for Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden. Its free but there's a money box where you can drop donations at the entrance. The Garden is hugeeeee.

The sunflowers is crazy big. Some of it is actually bigger than my face!

Close up shot of one of the many plants available there in the park. We didn't spend along time there as Tomato was getting really cranky and clingy.

Ending this post with a sunset view from the balcony outside our room. Its really pretty, and the sunset later there, around 7pm. Its really cold at night at Hobart.

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