Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tomato is 2

Weight= approx 12 kg
Height= approx 90 cm

The little monkey is 2 now.  She is VERY active, and VERY talkative, and with VERY SHORT attention span (except when playing with our phones or tablet). She can ask you to play a dvd for 5 mins, then said she want to watch another :/

We took leave to celebrate her birthday with her. I cooked longevity noodle with drumstick, eggs, date, mushroom for her and also for me and Daddy Oink.

Then after that we took her to Molly fantasy@CityOne. She had so much fun, we had a hard time getting her to leave 'x' LOL

After that we had lunch at Fork and Knife, which I think was mediocre and the service is not so good.

After that we send her to the nanny for her nap, while we adult go back to GSC@CityOne for a movie date. :D We watched X Men and it was awesome, well, at least to me 'x'

At night, we had family dinner Rock Road Seafood.

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