Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sydney Day 3 - Manly Beach, then to Melbourne

Our last day at Sydney. How I wished we stayed longer. It was also the hottest day we every had at Australia.

After breakfast, we took the free shuttle bus from George Street to Circular Quay again. Since its free, it was really packed. 'x' It took a while to go to Circular Quay as its making stops to pick up more people. 'x'! 

I really regretted boarding the free bus LOL. It was near 11am when we arrived 'x' And our plane to Melbourne is 3+pm 'x'!!!  we missed the 11am ferry to Manly and had to wait till 11.30am for the next one. I was so worried about how much time we have.  

It took around 30 mins to arrive Manly. All throughout the ride, I keep praying that we could arrive earlier. 'x' But look! The water is so nice, the sky is so blue!

It was HOT. Really hot day. Some random church I guess which I didn't get the name 'x' We only had limited time on Manly and there's no time to find out names. *ahem*

Obligatory tourist-y photo. SO SO HOT. But what nice beaches they have. Anyway, even with the little limited time we had, I still insist on having Ben & Jerry. LOL!! Its too hot, ok? I need to cool down.

With less than an hour spent there, we took the ferry back to Circular Quay, and this time we are smarter, we decide to take the train back to Central. I then came out with a master plan. Oink is to rush back to the  hotel to get our luggages while I will buy the train tickets to airport + buy lunch.

Anyway, we were in time. Thank God. Sydney Airport look so nice and huge, I regret we didn't have time to explore it, should have checked out earlier and just come explore the airport 'x' LOL. Didn't get to check out the airport when we landed a few days ago because it was already late night when we landed.

There was a guest in front of us who was too late for check in, he kept face-palm himself 'x'

And because we were last to check in, we got the last row seats 'x' which was window-less, and I pity the person who sat next to us, cos Tomato was as excited as usual when in the plane. I said person, cause till this day, I am not sure its a SHE or a HE. I thought its a HE because erm, the person was big, had short hair, wore like a man. Oink insist that its a SHE because of the higher pitched voice. Oh well, whatever 'x'

When we arrived at Tiger Airways's terminal at Tullamarine, we had the shock of our lives 'x' LOL. This, ladies and gentleman, is the terminal, do not doubt me. Oink said look like some kind of factory. LOL. He can't stop laughing, and I think he posted this photo in FB 'x'

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