Sunday, July 06, 2014

Sydney Day 2 - Darling Harbour, Fish Market, ydney Opera House & Sydney Harbour Bridge

It was a lovely warm sunny day. We took train from Central Station to Town Hall Station and then walked all the way to Darling Harbour from there. I really regretted we forgot to attach the rain cover to Tomato's buggy as the sun was really bright. So I kept walking & pushing the buggy in a fast pace until I reach the shaded area :-p.

After getting all sweaty, we arrived! Tomato got all excited cos there's a pretty cool playground there. * shiny eyes*

Happily exploring around. We saw a few families with kids there. Have I told you I love Sydney?

The playground was really well maintained.

They have all these cool recreational equipments. Like this one. Your kid sits on it, and slides from one higher end to the other end where the spring mechanism at the receiving end will spring you back if with enough momentum. But my kid is still too light, and can't do it her own, but she  was willing and dare to try it when we ask whether she wanted to have a go. Oink helped her. At some point, Oink let go of his hands and run after her to make sure she doesn't fall, and guess what? She didn't even get scared knowing her daddy wasn't holding onto her. She just hold on tight and have fun.

Hot! Hot! Hot! I wonder why I didn't open up the umbrella?hmmm

Time for snack. Hehe. Need to replenish all those energy that was burnt when playing. Actually there's ferry going to Darling Harbour from Circular Quay where Sydney Opera house & Sydney Harbour Bridge is. But we decided to come to Darling Harbour first as we wanted to go here.

For lunch. :-p  The problem is, I know its somewhere near Darling Harbour, but had no idea how to go there. And because we thought its pretty near, we decided to walk and used Oink's  Waze app. HAHAHHA. We got lost a bit, and walked more than I expected under the hot sun 'x'

At least we get to eat good lunch. The place was packed! With China tourists 'x' Tomato attacked the chips. Since its a holiday for her too, we just let her eat all she wants. And after this trip, she is hooked to fries 'x'!! I guess she is a lot like me.I love fries but try not eating too much of it.

After lunch, we walked all the way back to town hall station again, back to Central Station, and walked back to the hotel, so Tomato can nap for a couple of hours.

After that, we took the train again to Circular Quay. This time, we don't need to walk far to reach our destinations. And it was cooler, and windy. And again, its packed with humans.

Obligatory photo to show that we're there 'x' We circled the Opera House and there's was some construction work going on the front as that area was blocked. Such a pity, how nice if we could take photos from the front.

We took our time, found a bench, just sit around and did people watching. And left around dinner time.

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