Monday, May 18, 2009

zap zap zap..

I don't know about you, sometimes I wish I could teleport from one place to another.You know kinda like in the guy in the movie "Jumper" but minus the impact of the "jumping"

There's no need to buy a car. Saves money 'x'. No need pay for petrol. Yippee. By the way, there will an increase of petrol price on 1st September,
so i guess alot of people will spend their merdeka day queuing to buy the cheaper petrol 'x'

I can be anywhere I want to be. *zap* Japan *zap* now Paris *zap* *zap* *zap*
There's no need for airplanes and no need susah-susah to try to buy those FREE seats air tickets.

You don't waste time stuck in a f**ck*** jam. Although the jam here is not as bad as KL or even Bangkok, but still a jam is a jam. And I hate the jam.
Especially when driving home from work. How nice if I could do this : 5.30pm. Pack. *ZAP*. Home sweet home, watching 6pm singaporean series. AHHHH, how nice it would be.

You can escape anytime. When terserempak the last person you wished to see on earth *zap* you are away from him/ her.

*zap zap zap* I wish I am in my bed now, so sleepy..zzz..*zap zap zap* still at work..CISSSSSSSSSS


kyh said...

haha! i've dreamed of that too!

btw, dont curi tulang at work la! working can blog one meh? :P

zeroimpact said...

I think you are on your way home liao lo
Don't zap while you are driving