Friday, May 29, 2009


if only I am not so eager to get home early..

if only I am more alert..

If only I was not so deeply in thought about tomorrow's plan..

if only I look to the left just before I make that turning..

my wukui won't be like this!!

BOOOOHOOOOHOOOOO! my poor wukui!

When I turn left, I didn't notice there's a bike on my left, just a bit behind me, I turned and BAM! It hit the left side passenger door. I turned my head to the sound, and its like in slow motion, I saw the motorcyclist and his passenger fall to their left before the driver manage to balance with his left foot and hold onto his motorbike.

My first word was SH*T! Never was I in such a situation. What should I DO? My first thought was to call Oink, but I seem to froze, my eyes keep checking on the 2 motorcyclists to see if they are ok. They seem ok, but the rider was a bit angry and yelled something at me. Cars behind me honked. I am paralyzed, numb, but still manage to signal "I AM SORRY" Its a miracle that the guy didn't demand me to come down and demand for some sort of compensation. He signaled for me to go ahead. So I left, still signing "I AM SORRY" with my left hand.

I parked my car in front of the house gate and proceeded to SMS Oink, I didn't know why I didn't call. My heart was still pounding.

and its still pounding now..:(

btw, tomorrow I am going back to Belaga, to visit my grandma.

I left office happy, but now sad and shocked..booohooohooo

*update : Oink is back, and he said my damages seem to be more to the back instead of the front, and he asked me did I put on signal, I remember I did, I always do. He said should be the motorcyclist's fault, which I think back, it could be true.I was halfway into the junction liao when the motorcycle hit my wukui, and I did put on signal, he should have looked also. WTH, I still let him yell at me and I still signaled sorry...I am a bit angry now la. My poor wukui! Anyway, his motorcycle was very old liao. NO wonder he is so "kind" ask me to go without asking me to compensate what-so-ever..GRRR..angry lah! This is my first time in such a situation, never mind, next time I'll know.


kyh said...

luckily it's not a mat rempit that u bumped into, else.... *no eye see*

13th Panda said...

here not many mat rempit..AHAHA..I think they are only available at night.

zeroimpact said...

well... Glad everyones alright
We learn from time to time... Noh

Redsponge said...

AISI!!! I dinno about this! Poor girl! Pat pat...take some kia hong sua! 'x'