Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mango's meal

We don't let Mango eat simply anything. Most of the time, we make sure what she eats is not oily, not too salty, and definitely no chocolate or candy for her. But sometimes I sneaked her some chips, or nuts when Oink is not looking. :-p We are lucky that Mango is not picky, she eats everything, even bitter gourd (Oink and I don't eat :-p)!

Mango eats 2 meals a day. In the morning, she will have her dog biscuit.On weekdays' evenings, when she is at my parents', Mum usually boil chicken meat, to be mixed with rice for her dinner. And when she's here, I will prepare her dinner. Usually its chicken also. Sometime I include in carrot/ potato, which she love. She can eat raw carrot like a rabbit! Mango also need balanced diet ma, like us human. So that she will always be healthy. A healthy dog, is a happy dog :)

This is what she had yesterday evening..

first, I chopped the carrot into small cubes.

I include in some finely chopped garlic. The reason I include in garlic is because I read online, this can ward off fleas as her blood won't smell sweet anymore. Once I let her eat some pumpkin, and that very day, she was covered with fleas! Mum and I was so shocked! poor mango..its my fault :(, the pumpkin is sweet, maybe that's why the fleas attacked her. I don't want to bath her with some chemical laden flea shampoo, so I researched online and found this effective method. Till now, I found no flea at all on Mango.

Sliced chicken meat. I seasoned them with some soy sauce and some chicken stock powder. That's all.

Mix them all up. Steam for 10 minutes. When its cooked, I let it cool off first. Don't let it get cold, serve it when its still a bit warm.


Mango enjoying her dinner, outside..AHAHA..I make her eat outside because she always make a mess on the floor when eating.


VampireM said...

waiseh, your dog very ho mia... and quite a vegeterian...

my dog in kch eats rice with garlic too...

13th Panda said...

VampireM: no no, my dog is omnivorous..ROFL!!