Monday, March 02, 2009

Today is my dad's last day of work, and he called me today...

and this is how it goes

dad: Today is my last day of work.

me: har?but your birthday is not today

dad: I finish off my leaves ma..

me: ohhhh...then what do you plan to do at home?

dad: RELAX

me : RELAX niah??i think you will be bored soon.

Something tells me my dad won't be enjoying his relaxation after two months of doing it.



Chen said...

Quite a number of people might enjoy it the first few weeks or months after retirement, but subsequently they will feel bored :)

13th Panda said...

ahaha, lets see how long can he "tahan"

Selba said...

Ah... retirement days. As long as you dad got hobbies then no worry about it :)