Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Baby Gaby

My dear friend Jaqq has become a mama last Saturday!
I visited baby Gaby the next day. I somehow forgot to take photo of her with my HP. 'x'!!!
But even if I had the photo, I think I should let the proud parents to show Gaby off to the world first. Right? right?right?

But I wonder though, when will they update their blog with Gaby's photo. (Their last post was a belated xmas post!'x'!!!)

But since I saw Gaby, touched Gaby, saw Gaby smiled (yes! she smiled when her mama touched her little nose, how cuteeeee)I am happy enough,
but pity you guys need to wonder how Gaby looks like. AHHAHAHA!!

Anywayyyy, Gaby's full name will be Gabrielle Tsan. I am not yet informed of her mandarin name. But we call her Gaby for short. Baby Gaby~


Laura Hii said...

when is ur turn?? or in the middle of progress??? ;P

13th Panda said...

hmmm, when got I will tell you..ROFL..but now not yet..

jaQQ said...

Panda dear, haha.. It finally occured to me we havent been updating our blog since I was 8 mth preggie~ LOL! Cham. Anyway, do feel free to post her pics here if u want. Until I find time to go online n start posting again. Hehe.. Muah!

13th Panda said...

jaqq: @@! you were here!! OK, i shall show GABBIE to everyone.MUAHHA