Thursday, December 04, 2008


I got a tix to go see Rynn Lim from Jimmy Chin (kuching bloggers). Thanks! ;-p

I was late 15 mins.

Worse when I was almost there, I realised I left my dear HP at home!

The thought of having no HP with me troubles me. I NEED IT.This is what keep playing in my mind at that time.

Even worst is Oink is suppose to drive me to and back. How should I contact him when I'm done?

So we decided he should come back half an hour later.

The hall was quite full.

I stood by the side of the hall.

Tik tok tik tok...what is taking him so long?My half hour almost finishing liao..tik tok tik tok..he is even later than me..AHHAA..but what to do, he's star.That's what stars do.

In the end, all I get to see is the Emcee of the night. :( And I kept worrying if Oink cannot park near enough for me to see him. There's volunteers working at the entrance to make sure no cars park at the side of the road. So i left with the tix still in my pocket cause I told the guy I need it in case I want to come back in.

Once in the car with Oink, I told him its easy to smuggle in and catch a glimpse of Rynn. But the only car park we can find is quite far away. :(

So Oink suggest we go buy Christmas tree instead. And we got it. We bought a 5 ft tree at boulevard. I AM A HAPPY PANDA! Will decor it once I bought the ornaments when I go KL next wk.

Oh Ya, I will be "on leave" from blogging from this Saturday to next Sunday. I am going to Singapore and KL. :->


Yesterday, I was feeling really sleepy at work. So I planned to go my parent's home sleep. Before that I stop by a cafe to tapao food. I left a new (un-poked) parking coupon on my windshield. Figuring it should be ok, since I am stopping by awhile only to tapao food.

But you know who I terserempak there? Also looking around to see got what food to tapao? You would never have guess it. I saw my MUM there.AHAHAHA. So instead of tapao, we sat down and have lunch there.

When we are done. I went back to my car. But I don't see my parking coupon anymore. Instead, I saw a piece of compound. I was compounded for not displaying parking coupon. CIS! Then as I get into my car, I saw my parking coupon on the lying on the road, beside my car. =.= Obviously blown away by the wind!

Sigh, what luck I have!


Lately I am super busy lo. I have to rush for two deadlines at work. And I need to finish them before I go on leave. RUSH RUSH RUSH. So stressed.

I need more time. Why is it always SOOO BUSY when I want to go on leave?

Sighhh..I am not very lucky la.

First, didn't get to see Rynn Lim in action.

2nd, kenak compound because of the wind

3rd, Things get tough at work when I am about to go on leave


VampireM said...

i tot u display the parking coupon inside the car?

Pink Cotton said...

hahaha so funny...
now we really cannot live without handphone hoh??

but u ah...remember to bring camera but forgot to bring handphone 'x'

ok anywya...have a nice trip! bring a baby back...ROF *cabut*

kyh said...

rynn lim nice ah? i thought only the camera he's advertising for nicer... :P

Redsponge said...

eh, i tot u know u cannot put the parking coupon on the windshield?

13th Panda said...

vampirem: no ah, me lo...wanna save 20 sen, put outside, cos was thinking a while only ma..mana tau wanna save 20 sen, end up need to pay rm5 pula..SIGH..AHAHHA

Pink Cotton: :-p I was in a hurry ma..

kyh: I like him better than Nicholas ler..go see see no harm ma..

Red Sponge:I know, the reply I typed to vampireM..:-p