Friday, December 19, 2008

The BIG FOOT incident


noooooooo...not THAT big foot.

let me tell you the story..

After dinner, Oink and I went out to search and to buy the lightings for our Christmas tree. I wanted white lightings. Something simple.

So we went around Tabuan area to look for it.

Found it at Supersave Store Tabuan Jaya. Quite cheap RM23.90 niah..

Happy happy come back home to put it on.

Previously, I had put on the ornaments, decorations, ribbons and all. Very excited wanted to decor the tree liao ma 'x'

So now we had to remove the ribbons and stuff so that its easier to put the lightings up.

So Oink made himself busy with the lightings, arranging it nicely around the tree.

Then, after that, the magical moment that both of us are waiting for....

Oink plug in the power cord. Switched it on...







We tried again with an extension cord...NOTHING!!!

And its then when Oink said "ooohh s**t"

me : "What happened?"

Oink : "I think I broke it, just now accidentally stepped on the box (there's this box thingy with some kind of electrical board in it) when arranging the lighting "

me : "HAR?O.O"

Oink proceeded to open the box, and check the electrical thingy inside.

Oink : "Ohhh S**t"

Oink : "The 'kaki' broke"

Me : "you big foot la you"

End up he don't know how, he removed the box and do those guy thingy on the cables. There's light afterwards, but not for all the bulbs. ROFL..

P/S : Oink wears a size 10. Don't know consider BIG feet not.

P/P/S : After we are finished with our Christmas tree, I shall post the photos up! Stay tuned.


kyh said...

Haha!! so farnies. cant wait to see your christmas tree.

Redsponge said...

kekeke...when u show us the tree with the cacat lighting? 'x' It would be special!