Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I want to show you guys our Christmas tree..our very first..

Our theme colour for this year is blue and silver..

Our silver star...its suppose to be shiny as it has glittering dust on it, but oh well... I think not enough lighting..

silver snowmen..

Can you see me? I love the little silver bells i put on the tree

I love this beaded blue hearts as well, I think it looks great on my tree..

Its time to show you our tree. We decided to use the "cacat" lighting..ahaha..I think its just nice, not too many lights.


not bad maaa..I think its beautiful..

This one is with presents at the bottom of the tree.

I bought some souvenirs for the family when I was at KL/SG. I thought why not give it for xmas?So we gift wrapped them. They will be surprised when they come for steambot tomorrow. I hope they like what we bought.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! From Oink and me, and not forgetting Mango.:)


Selba said...

The christmas tree with the blue and silver ornaments :D

Merry Christmas!!!

Redsponge said...

Merry Christmas!!! I got a christmas tree too! Hee will take photo and show you! :)

f3l said...

i like your christmas treee...

Platinumgirl said...

Ohhh come to KL but didnt call me la .. hmmmp :(

Happy New Year :)