Monday, January 23, 2006

Hainan Street Restaurant

My Bf and I found a new eatery at RHB plaza, near to BDC's church.

The entrance

We went there once before to eat their Hainan Chicken Rice. Not bad, but i still prefer the one near The Cave.

Too bad i didn't take the photo of the chicken rice but teh roasted one tasted better. Today we went back to try the other dishes. My bf ordered dry curry mee, and i ordered honey char siew mee.

While waiting for our food to arrive. We had our drinks 1st.

Hot Teh Tarik and Teh Si Peng for him

Honey Char Siew Mee

looks like kolo mee fact kolo mee tasted better..the char siew is fatty.. *uweks*

Dry Curry Mee

It actually tasted better than the Char Siew Mee. Reminded me of my mum's curry, but of course my mum's is better cos its spicier.

Well, all of this cost us Rm13.30.

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