Monday, January 23, 2006


My bro is back from holiday and he just told me a piece of news. One day, his 3 male friends were walking on the Bukit Bintang's LRT's bridge, when they are approached by 10 or more ah Bengs. Huge ah bengs. These ah bengs then separate the 3 by putting they arms around their shoulder and brought them to a corner. I think they analyse which of the 3 is richest and they threatened him, by saying if he doesn't go to the ATM machine and take out his money, the other 2 will die in a terrible way.He has no chance of retaliating, the culprits are huge. So he obeyed and took out rm1500. The ah bengs also took their HPs!!I asked my bro, how come no one suspected anything and go help?He replied "Who Dares?" HHHHHHHHHMMMMMMM....Ppl are getting ignorant and selfish now.What happened to the harmonious place we lived in once?Bergotong royong, tolong-menolong, i seldom hear these words anymore...i guess ppl just stop bothering now. Stop caring. Stop believing. HHMM

Anyway, take care, even during broad day light!


Pink Cotton said...

wah!!! so scary!..who is the one who paid rm1500??then ur bro and the other fren got pay him back or not? lol.

tats is better to b safe than sorry.when we see some suspicious characters around,better keep our handbags near to us and keep far from them.altho,we might offend these ppl if they r innocent...but we just never know who is innocent and who is not!

13th Panda said...

NO la..none of the victims is my bro..THANK GOD..

my bro dunno the other 2 got pay back o not

Pink Cotton said...

OH!! sorry sorry...i tot u said ur bro n his fren 'x'!!!