Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mom can read me

Don't know if you've noticed. There are a few people in your life, that seems to be able to connect to you. Who can finish your sentence, who can sing the song playing in your mind. It almost seem like they can read you. YES? YES? YES?! There's is at least one right. And usually someone (or more) who is(are) very close to you.

I have 3. And I have a rank for them.

No. 3 : Dear fat bro

We only have each other to call a sibling. So you can say we are pretty close. We play together, and also fight quite often 'x'.

We are quite opposite him & I. But yet, sometimes he seem to be able to read my mind when he start singing the song I have been thinking about. He should be no. 2  but since he is now residing at Penang, he has dropped rank to no.3, cos we don't really spend much time together liao mah! My fat bro grown man dy, now has his own family :)

No. 2 is of course the man in my life, my dear husband, Oink. But we are more tuned in, in terms of food 'x' LOL. You know usually when ladies are ask what they want for lunch or dinner, usually they will say "dunno leh..." then when men suggest where to go, ladies will say "don't want fattening/ hot/ etc" AHAHAHHA...sounds familiar?  I am like that sometimes, 'x', but most of the time, I do feel strongly about going to a certain place, and Oink most of the time, gets it right. Not 10/10, but may be 7/10.

No. 1 !! My great mama!

This, while enjoying my maggie mee kari, *sob sob* Tomato pounced on me, and my bowl of maggie mee drop to my lap and it was hot! I was so angry I raised my voice, but worry not, I did not lay my hands on her. And to make matter worse, I went to the kitchen, and got my finger burnt while trying to move the wok ( I was steaming corn).

Proof! #Painlikehell #ouch 

I am not the type that stay in anger for long, but the pain fuelled me on. And my voice was not lowered until we got into the car 'x' So after dropping Tomato off at the nanny's, I wallow in self pity in the car, about what bad luck I have. I was surrounded by negativity. 

Then came lunch time, and I opened up my bento made by mama, and wah! Fried Chicken! You must be wondering what's so good about fried chicken? Its sinful, fattening and certainly not a healthy choice. My mom would agree with you, she always lecture us about fried food. That is why I am so surprised, I usually tried to avoid fried food, but I need this today, its my comfort food and it taste so good, I feel so loved! It totally lifted my mood significantly.

My Humble bento. Don't seem like a lot right? Thanks to mom, I don't gain weight much 'x' 
#loved #food #homecooked  #momthebest

Even after I married off and not living with her, she still seem to be able to read me. I remember sometime around 1-2 mths ago. I was craving for cockles. And what do you know, went home for dinner with fat juicy cockles waiting for me! How did she know? My God, its un-believable!

Really 世上只有妈妈好!

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