Thursday, September 11, 2014

Melbourne : The Wedding

Hello blog. Its been a few weeks. I didn't notice I didn't blog for so long, few weeks seem to pass by in a few blinks. So I feel sorry I neglected you. *Ahem* 'x' But I promise, I will blog more often, for my own good since I plan to read you and relive the sweet & bitter memories when I am old. The more I blog = the more I get to read right? 

24 March 2014, The Wedding Day.

Woke up early to get ready. I let Tomato sleep in until the very last minute when we needed to get her ready. We didn't shower, it was wayyyy too cold.

Everyone was busy preparing food in the dining area. Me? my job is to take photos only (and to look after Tomato of course)

My love and I. Do we look pretty or what?

Food waiting to be eaten. Can you spot hot cross buns? They are only available on Easters.

Tea sets for the tea-serving ceremony. And Oink and I was served tea, and we get to give the newly-weds 'ang pao'.

Mother in law personally decorated the bridal car. She spent hours on it. It was nice, I really wanted to take photo from the front, but sorry, it was way too cold for me to bravely go out and take the photo 'x'

And afterwards, we were driven to the church which I can't remember the name for the church ceremony. I got no quality photos to share there as it was dark inside 'x' But the ceremony, was intimate and touching. Mother of the groom serenades and I was suddenly moved and felt so touched, I almost cried.

We then lunched at a Chinese Dim-Sum place. And we only get back home, around 3pm. O.O! Tomato fell asleep in the car before we even arrive.

The dinner reception was very interesting. It is somewhat different than what we have back home. I found Australians, are more open at sharing and humorous. There were speeches which are not at all boring, since they are such a funny couple. There's even a flash mob! And the mother of the groom actually was in it! Funny games, proposal video, the groom and pals even made a music video exactly like One Direction's MTV (can't remember the title, I am NOT their fan).Sorry, not much pictures, as I only brought my phone 'x' and I was busy getting entertained. *Ahem*

Here's a photo of the couple dancing. 

Here's one of the photos taken at the photobooth. Only get to play 2 times. Sigh.. was popular with the guests.


Oink said...

one direction's song

13thpanda said...

My God! didn't know you read my blog Mr oink! I also know its OD's song, but which one? I think its called Best Song Ever something