Friday, August 08, 2014

Grow Baby Grow ( 2+ years old)

Tomato is now about 2 year 2 mths old.

Height, about 90cm ( she moves alot), hard to get her measurement.

Weight, about 12.8 kg (together with clothes and diaper)

She drinks less milk now compared to when she's younger, mostly about 5-6 oz (when she was around 1 yrs old, she could drink 8oz) . And she loves milo now.

Compared to when she was younger, she eats less now, because she is more interested in playing (and the tablet, sighhhh) and she is more picky nowadays. But then, she still likes vegetables.

I prepare her breakfast and cook her lunch everyday to bring to nanny's.Usually its soup with rice. Sometimes porridge, and sometimes stir fried pasta. And my mum will stir-fry some vegetable for her, which will be in a separate container and covered when its cooled down. I can't put the vege inside my magic cooker, as it will turn yellow.

eg of Lunch : soup (can't remember what soup, from the look of it, I think its fish soup with tomatoes and onion 'x') + rice (cooked with millet) + stir fried vege

eg of Breakfast : Mashed sweet potato and potato

I sometimes also add mix quinoa into her rice. 

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