Wednesday, December 11, 2013

People come, people go

This is a rather sad post.

2 of the half day kids at my Tomato's nanny is going to Primary 1 next year. And they might not be coming to the the nanny's place any more.

This morning, I had a short conversation with Big Piggy, in which she started.

Big Piggy : After xmas, I won't be coming any more. I will miss everyone :(

Big Piggy : I manage to take aunty's(me) photo (actually she curi-curi snap a photo of me with her tablet), Tomato, Little Piggy,  Baby, but didn't manage to take photos of Miss Notty and Ah Boy. I am sad.

All I could say was : You can come on Saturday then can take their photo liao..

I felt sad, all these kids grew up too fast. I feel a bit sad that I might not see this talkative Big Piggy any more.

Maybe I will develop photos taken on Tomato's birthday and give it to her as memorabilia.


Kong said...

The title sounds a bit like workplace right, where people come and people go.

13thpanda said...

Kong, it happens in every point of our life, ppl come and go..cherishhh~~