Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cameron Day 1

The pudu Bus Station was temporarily restationed at Bukit Jalil while we were at West Msia. Which is a total inconvenience, its alot further, and we needed more time to get there. We took a Unititi bus to go up to Cameron. It took about 5 hours to go up, and the higher we went, the colder we felt. I was excited.

We arrived at Tanah Rata around 4+ pm. Tried walking to our hotel (Bus people say its very near), and got lost, after walking round and round, we finally found our hotel.

Our room, with garden view. I love it. Its spacious, clean, and the air is cool. As soon as I finish taking photos of the room,

Oink attacked the bed. We then watched TV and just laze off on the bed, resting after the 5 hours long bus trip.

6+pm, we left our cozy room to hunt for dinner. We walked up and down the streets at Tanah Rata. Looking into restaurants, kopitiams. I told Oink I didn't want anything spicy after the Satay Celup at Melaka.

We settled for Rosette. Saw a couple of ang mohs inside. Couldn't be that bad.

We ordered these.

And almost immediately we miss Melaka's food. Both of us only liked the Asparagus. 'x'

After dinner, we walked around leisurely, with nothing in mind, just a nice walk. Then head back to the room, to rest and watch more TV. We need a good night rest for our activities the next day.


Vampire said...

I find Cameron boring :P
It's just a cool place to relax, and to eat steamboat, haha.

13th Panda said...

AHAHAAHA, well, at least its cool.. ITS SO HOT HERE NOW!