Friday, January 08, 2010

Waisted post

Alone at home now. So went to look at old photos in my ext hdd. I looked at the photos before I got married.

This is the cheongsam I wore at my Wedding Banquet. Nice? I tried it 2 nights before the wedding to make sure it fits. Was still quite slim back then. That was back in Nov 2007.
Then we went to HK, China, Macau in March 2008. HK food was so good, I keep stuffing food into my face. I came back with extra inches to my waist. BIG MISTAKE. After that hor, I keep giving myself excuses such as, AIYAH, married already, no need keep fit liao lah..'x' BIG MISTAKE 2! The hor, I lazy go exercise also. BIG MISTAKE 3!

Then I bought tickets to Krabi for Oink and I (sept 2008). Bought a bikini. Made a promise to slim back so I will look sexy in the bikini. Even told oren & redsponge I will keep fit. BUT LERRRRR, I didn't do anything, didn't watch what I eat, didn't exercise much.
And I looked back at my Krabi photos, I looked HORRENDOUS!

 an elephant lo.

Krabi is a very beautiful place. I feel like I spoiled the whole picture. :(

After that, I joined Tai Chi. Played Badminton. Got back to Yoga. And I can feel that I slowly starting to lose the extras I gained. It's a very very very very slow process though. But at least its better than nothing. At least in my Taiwan photos, I looked sooooo much better compared to the Krabi ones.

I felt slapped on the face when I was looking at my Krabi photos just now. T.T It gave me more motivation to lose weight.

My motto now is to lose more for the upcoming CNY. MUST.BE.DISCIPLINED.


Vampire said...

Good Luck! You can do it :D
Need more teman to motivate u nia

Redsponge said...

I think I should have given you the cloud 9!

I will go take it back later! Hahaha

Redsponge said...

I mean should NOT!