Friday, January 01, 2010



TIME FLIES, almost unbelievable.

Today is the first day of 2010, but I want to post about something happened last year.ROFL. A very belated post. I admit. I was lazy. Almost don't want to blog anymore. But when I thought about the joy I will have in the future years when I read back what I wrote, its what motivated me. :)

The date was 20.12.09. And it was a meaningful day.

We went to help at Cheshire's with Selina and MIL.

They needed a Santa. ROFL. First choice was Jee, but too bad he can't fit the costume.

First, lets have lunch. MIL and Selina helping to distribute lunch to the people at Chesire.

After lunch, its time for entertainment.

The one organizing the event is the nice lady in the middle. If not mistaken, her name is Annie. She was the one that sponsored lunch also.

Everybody enjoying themselves. :)

Then we are off on our mission.

Can't help it. Oink is too cute as a Santa.

Oink the Santa giving away presents.

This guy was watching wrestling on TV when we came. AHAHA.

Its good to see them so happy when they get their presents.

After the event at Chesire. We had a break and off we go to SSPCA.

This is what we manage to collect this year. EH! I mean last year. :-p

Not bad eh? Btw, they need a lot of newspaper everyday. So if you have, can send yours over.

Its the most meaningful Xmas I ever had.

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