Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ho Chin Minh - Day 2

Before I talked about day 2. I want to talk about my dad 'x'

The night before, we went to this western style restaurant for dinner. The area we are staying are the backpackers area. So there's a lot ang mo. And thus got ang mo restaurant. I was famished, so I ordered pasta. Then my dad, of all the choices and selections, ordered MALAYSIAN CHAR KUEH TIAW. =.="

Then hor, don't know what type of meat they put in, my dad woke up the next day with gout pain on his hand.

So he became grumpy 'x'. And I have to carry everything myself. The water, the biscuit in case my dad grew hungry and grumpy 'x'.He gets hungry quite easily. And when he's hungry, he's grumpy.HAHA.

Anyway, we booked a half day tour to Cu Chi tunnel. Its a network of tunnels dug by the vietnamese ppl during war. And is later used in the war with the US Army. And the US army, never get to win any battle in the tunnel area. Its too complicated, the tunnel is also too small for the bigger built ang mo.Should be something like that, I can't really remember.

This is our tour guide of the day, "Mr. Bean" @ Billy. He was a US navy before. Yes, a Vietnamese working for the US Army during the war. He was born in US, or so he claimed. And later move back to Vietnam. Anyway, he was explaining about the tunnels. And there's this documentary showing, filmed during war time. Its in black and white and I find it a bit boring 'x'

Mr Bean told us, in order to track the Viet Cong better, they brought in a lot of dogs. But as the days goes by, they notice the dogs are getting lesser and lesser. They found out the Viet Congs catch them, and eat them 'x'.

either that, or they end up here.

Dead. Poor dogs.

This is the sniper hole. There will a VC hiding inside, when a US soldier pass by, he will just pop up and shoot. Mr Bean told us, the day before, a very big Caucasian lady went down in that hole, but later on cannot seem to come out, she was stuck, so they had to pull and pull. They finally manage to pull her up, without all her clothing below her waistline 'x'.

The Viet Congs dug tunnels to the US Army base to steal their weapons. I think that's very clever of them, using the enemy's weapon to fight back.

There's a few mannequins dressed in military attire here and there. And of course we took photos with them. Thats when I notice the wig, or should I sat the hair. Looks soo much like real hair!

Footwear made from tyre. They claim its very durable. Felt tempted to buy one pair for Oink. His sandals never last long.

We then proceeded to the shooting range area. Here is the place where you can buy bullets and shoot from AK47, and other types of guns, I can only remember AK47. HEHE.
If I am not mistaken, 10 AK47 bullets cost 22,000 VND each. Minimum purchase is 10 bullets. My dad say he would try if his hand was not painful. I was not even interested. I hated the shooting sound. It sounded awful, it sounded like killing, it sounded like death. So I bought a can of cola, look for a seat and relax.

We then moved to the one section of the tunnel which is open for the public. A 40m tunnel. Small and very dark. We didn't even had torch light. Its soo small, I had to bend over and walk, with a big heavy bag on my back. I have to bend my knees also to make sure the stuff in my bag don't get squashed. Didn't manage to take any photo, cos dad keep urging me to go faster, or else we will be separated from the group. Don't know why he's so worried, the tunnel is only one way bah.. every now and then, there's a hole, a "pit stop" for you to get out to get some air. I stopped at every one of them. Its so dark inside, we have to feel with our hands so that we won't bump onto anything. Anyway, I gave up half way and trace my exit based on the holes in the ground. AHHAA..

Mr Bean, explaining how these trap works. DEADLY MAN. I had goosebumps then and there.

Soon the half day tour ends.We got back to the guest house. Mum and dad wanted to nap. So they napped while I watch TV.

They woke up like 2 hours ++ later, and we took taxi to go Saigon Duty Free Shop. Only to find its closed after 5pm!! BAHHHH!!HOW CAN? should open till night ma.

We went to watch water puppet show later that night. Nothing to shout about but quite interesting. If only I could understand the dialogs. Its all in Vietnamese.

ok, this is a random photo. I saw a wedding going on, so I snapped a photo. There's another wedding going on at the hotel next to this one also. I think its a good day to marry in Vietnam on the 6th April, since its their holiday. I saw a lot weddings on the way to Cu Chi at the villages. But back at home here, its "Qing Ming"

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