Monday, April 06, 2009

Greetings from Ho Chin Minh!

I am coming back home today!

can't wait to see Oink and Mango! Can't wait! Can't wait!Can't wait!

didn't get to do much shopping, dad had a gout attack. So we try to minimize the activity. They sleep pretty early. While I watching TV everynight here..AHAHAH.


Laura Hii said...

when u going show us ur ho chin min photos?

Poh Nyuk said...
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13th Panda said...

ok! soon soon 'x'!!

Chen said...

Did u get a shock out of your life seeing the traffic (especially the motorbikes in HCM?) I never know crossing the road can be so scary till i visited HCM.

And not forgetting the overloaded electric pole on the road. So kia si lang :D

Poh Nyuk said...

i've seen the overloaded electric pole at bangkok liao..AHAHA

yeah, crossing the road was hard at 1st, but after that we knew how liao..we RAN..ROFL!!