Friday, September 21, 2007

Where to breakfast?

Jaqq ajak-ed me go breakfast tomorrow morning. But we think think think, don't know where to eat. She did suggest cao cai mee hoon, but i don't really like it. :-p. AHHAHA!Sorry, jaqq! We agreed to sms each other when we think of a place to have breakfast. I am not much of an initiator, so I am waiting for her sms now, i hope she won't forget about it. :-p

Then lately, i found out wikitravel is quite useful. Since I am quite free now, I decided to wiki Kuching. KEKE!

And this part catches my attention..

Hmmm, i think the picture is too small.

Let me copy the content out. The words in PURPLE will be my words.

***** starts copy****


Kuching Kolo mee
Kuching Kolo mee

Eating out is the major pastime, with a huge variety of eateries and food available. Most places are pretty cheap with excellent service but the more "local", the less English spoken. Be sure to sample some Sarawak laksa, but beware - it's considered a breakfast dish here and the popular places sell out fast. For the local Chinese, kolo mee, a noodle dish served with slices of roasted pork, is also a daily staple. Although most places are quite clean, there are some which are not. A rule of thumb is if you're not comfortable with it, then walk somewhere else. There are plenty to choose from!

[edit] Budget

  • Black Pepper Burger, Jln. Haji Taha 111. A simple stall dishing out very peppery burgers and a gruesome-looking but tasty chicken gravy hotdogs. Most items are around RM2. @@!!! I have never heard of this place or been to this place ler! hhmm, but gruesome- looking?i don't think i want..haha!!
  • Chong Choon, Jln. Abell (opposite Maybank). One of Kuching's two famous laksa joints. Usually sold out by noon. OK! been here already. Not bad.
Typical Sarawak laksa
Typical Sarawak laksa
  • Choon Hui, Jln. Ban Hock (near Grand Continental Hotel). The other famous laksa joint. Spicy and popular, get here before 10 AM. HHHMM, i think i have been here already, or didn't I? I know there's a popular laksa joint there, but didn't go notice the name..*rub chin*
  • Bishopsgate Coffeeshop, Carpenter Street. Famous for what may be decades already, the Vinegar 'Kolo Mee' and Pork 'Spare-part' soup is what people line up for everyday. Also famous is the man who runs the stall - he is a colorful character who takes your order like a drill sergeant. It opens for breakfast and lunch, but to avoid the crowds, its best to go around 'Brunch' time. When you get a seat, expect to wait awhile for your food. And while you wait, try their excellent 'Teh-C Peng Special' (Strong iced milk-tea with a dark sweet syrup) OK!another one that i have never heard before....SIGH! I should go out more!LOL!! but i always go out already, just that, i don't usually go notice shop's name. But i am sure i have never been here, if i did, i would have noticed the famous man who runs the stall. LOL! Btw, i don't take 'kueh chap' (Pork 'spare-part' soup).
  • Suan Chicken Rice, Jln. Tunku Abdul Rahman (next to Pizza Hut). A popular lunch-time joint where the office-crowd go for Hainanese Chicken Rice. HMMM, chicken rice not very suitable for breakfast ler..'x'
  • Open Air Market, Jln. Market (opposite Electra House Shopping Centre and near 'Padang Merdeka' Police Station). Despite the name, the place is actually covered. It has a wide variety of stalls serving Malay and Chinese cuisine. Their most popular stall is the one serving Beef Noodles and 'Sio Bi' (pork dumplings). Also popular is the fresh porridge and seafood stalls. But beware, this area is not the cleanest of places so order your food from only the most popular stalls. AH!I like the beef noodle also, and the sio bee. hhmm, its been a while since i have last visited the stalls there.
  • Lau Ya Keng Food Court, Carpenter Street (just after the Harmony Arch, opposite a Chinese temple). A simple food court that has been around for decades and is very popular with locals - breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can buy very decent Kolo mee and Sarawak Laksa here. But alot of people come here for the fish-ball soup and famous pork satay that opens in the early afternoon. AH! I know oren very sukak the fishball soup here.
  • KY Cafe, Sekama Road (A corner shop opposite Hollywood KTV Lounge, about 10 minutes walk from the Kuching City South Council building). Run by a band of three brothers, they serve what is arguably the best 'Kolo Mee' in town. Characterized by being served in an orange plastic bowl, this 'Kolo Mee' tastes a little bit on the sweet side and has the distinction of tasting much better towards the end. They also have excellent wanton soup. HMMmm, i think Oink brought me here, i can't remember!HAHAHA!

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hhmm, still unsure of where to go breakfast tomorrow. HAHA! nvm, i shall sms Jaqq now, and ask her on MSN..LOL.

ok, thats all folks!

Have a nice weekend, and do have nice breakfast tomorrow ya! A good breakfast is a start to a happy day..'x', ok, i made that up.



zeroimpact said...

Got so many things to eat
I want to eat also
I think Kuching got a lot more good one
So what you had for breakfast?

13th Panda said...

end up i had laksa, not very nice though