Monday, September 03, 2007


Went to Raukutei last nite at Crown Square for a special occasion.keke

These are what we ordered.

Potato Salad. SUPER YUMMY! I like it alot!

Oink ordered a Buta (pork) set. And we also had mixed tempura (prawn and vege). By now, our small table for 2 is full. ROFL.

Last but not least, salmon sashimi. *thumbs up*

All these + the drinks =RM70++


Sin Ling said...

hi panda, i love salmon sashimi, yummy right? Overall is not as expensive as i imagine, have a great food day... :D

Laura Hii said...

hehehe what`s special occasion???

Simple American said...

Looks so yummy. But what about the package on the table? Did someone get a present? :)

13th Panda said...

laura hii:keke, its oink birthday!

simple american: wah! u are so clever! that's actually the cake. Yes, Oink got a present for his birthday. But its not shown in the photo..HAHA

PlatinumGirl said...

Oink's bd? I tot you are celebrating like the 1st time you kissed or what .. lol

Hey how come you rarely blog liao ?